a little pillow

This is too cute. There's a business man on my way-home-bus who pulls a little pillow out of his briefcase everyday and takes a nap on his way home. love it!


  1. I love this pix. I mean you could have taken a random pix of some guy one day with a pillow, but you know he does it everyday and now you have proof. Does your camera make a flash when you take a pix like that? If so what did the people around you think you were doing?

  2. no, i turn the flash off. but everyone on the transit is a little crazy, so if they saw me, i just fit in. lol.
    theres also a guy who suntans everyday on the edge of the red river---in a speedo. i think he's trying to show off, cause he just stands there sometimes facing the bridge...but i didn't really want to 'capture' that... ;)


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