Amanda the Oven

My sister Amanda is pregnant, and SO cute! She had her first ultrasound today and the Doctor was like, 'now, i think you're going to be surprised' and she was like, 'well-i've never seen an ultrasound before, so ya..', and he said, 'no, i mean, you have 2 BABIES; twins' eeeeeeeeee!!! And she punched him, (like an Elaine punch) and then she started hysterically laughing and crying, she was so shocked. Then Matt came into the room and showed him the Ultrasound, and said 'here's your baby---and here's the other one' and Matt was like, 'WHAT!' Oh, it is too funny! Everyone is so excited. Can't wait to find out if i'm an aunty to Nieces, Nephews or BOTH!! -LA

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