4 Stories: Color

This weeks topic is "Color".

One. Black and White
I went to bible school & lived in dorm for 1 year with 19 other students. We all became really close friends and on the last 19 days, each student had a day to be encouraged and the other students would share the great things they saw in you. On my day, my friend Tyler said something really special. He said, "Leigh-Ann, where the rest of the world sees things in Black and White, you see them in a million Colors." That was one of the first times in my life I felt unique, observed and understood. I really loved that someone saw inside my brain :)

Two. Favorite Color
Since I can remember, I've always had "a favorite color", ever changing, kinda like the 'flavor of the month'. I've went through the rainbow and cycled back on a few. And when I get a new favorite color, I become totally obsessed with it and everything is that color (my sis/bro tease me about it)!!

Three. Color by Catagory
As much as I love rainbows of color, the mixture drives me kinda crazy. I like it separated into piles or glass jars so each color is on it's own, nothing touching.

Four. The Crayon Box
When I bought my first house, I was extremely eager to make each room really interesting and colorful! I pulled paint chips for hours, made diagrams of different combinations and proudly bought 7 different cans of paint (greyish purple, schoolbus yellow, olive green, red, white and elk tan & 'swiss coffee white' for ceilings and trims). We painted for days (got a little buzzy from too much fumes) and when it was done, I was one happy girl... my house had quite the personality! Then a friend came over and declared it "the Crayon Box". It's since been painted a light seaglass blue throughout (minus the kitchen and guest room) and now I like to use color in 'punches' and in moderation, but I'll never regret making my Crayon Box come true :)

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  1. Hi LA I joined.


  2. Do you have pictures of the crayon box house? I'd love to see them.

  3. i also had a friend say my house looked like a crayon box - i had a limey living room, blue & purple bedrooms, teal kitchen and white halls. when it came time to sell the house, it all got painted in varying shades of taupe. bleh! haha.
    i agree though - if i paint again, it will be mostly one colour, with giant canvases, wall tatoos or removable wallpaper for the rest. and probably grey, i'm really loving it right now :)

  4. We did the "crayon box" thing when we finally became homeowners. After many years of renting and having only white walls, we wanted COLOR and our walls (and ceilings!) reflected that. Now we're slowly repainting each of the common rooms the same soft, neutral color and adding color with accessories and furniture. The bedrooms remain crayon-boxy though :).

  5. http://lovecaite.blogspot.com/2010/10/color-4s.html

    I love this whole idea! It really makes me put some effort into thinking up four stories! LOVE it! <3

  6. I can completely relate to #3! Fun stories!

  7. very cool stories:) I can't wait to make a crayon box house:)

  8. Here's mine: http://lovingrobots.blogspot.com/2010/10/4-stories-color.html

  9. I've just posted mine too


  10. the crayon box house sounds cool! do you have any pictures of it?

    Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door

  11. I loved the first story... what a great compliment! My color stories are here.

  12. Im so glad that I stumbled on your blog today! I feel like you and I have so much in common! What bible school did you go to? And have you always lived in Winnepeg? I grew up in BC - then moved to Australia to do Bible school. Absolutely love your blog girl, and that you see millions of colors when others see black and white! So special. x

  13. Here is my participation piece:


  14. My house is the same! Living room is olive green, bedroom is powder blue, spare room is bright red, bathroom is teal, kitchen is grey and the powder room is midnight blue. I love colour on the walls!!

  15. Leigh-Ann, I love four stories!!! You're a genius =]


  16. Love, love, love this idea!

    Here are my stories -


    Can't wait to play along again and now I'm off to hop around to read everyone else's....

  17. I have been having so much fun with this!!! Thank you!!!

    Here are my 4 "color" stories:



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