Thursday Morning (+Winner)

I had a dream last night that I was an extra on SNL. I had to play a band groupie, jump off a dock and turn invisible and keep on schedule with the snl crew. While backstage I saw some stars... Molly Shannon, short hair Michael Bolton and Kevin from the Office.

Today I woke up at human time... I don't know how people do this ;) Amanda and I are going to pick up more furniture this morning and Olivia (my nearly 4 year neice) called me last night asking if we could go for breakfast at Mitsy's beforehand (aka Smitty's). I couldn't say no to that little voice making her own phone call... so here I am up at 7:30am and Lola is perplexed (I usually go to bed between 2-4am and wake at noon). Marking it on the calendar! 
Winner of the Dainty Woods Giveaway is Suzanne!!

xo & zzzz, Leigh-Ann
(pics from my date outfit last night)


  1. you look so cute! that was a crazy dream, i've had those strange dreams where you wake up and you weren't sure if it was even a dream in the first place. have a great date with your neice, love your date outfit from last night! take care and get some sleep!

  2. ba ha I love that dream! I'm mostly happy that Molly Shannon was in it. I hope she was playing Sally O' Mally. I love it, I love it, I love it!

    ps--you looked bangin in your date night outfit!

  3. I have the nuttiest dreams ever. If I could remember then for more than 10 minutes after waking up, they'd make great movies! Quentin Tarantino would have to direct though :)

    Beautiful date night outfit!

  4. Gosh... You're adorable, love!!

    I LOVE that Olivia called you all by herself.. what a big girl! Hope you ladies had fun and I miss you TERRIBLY!

    xo, Little Bear

  5. i've been getting up early on my vacation and it feels weird being up at the same time i go to work, cause usually i would sleep in.. but i wanted to get a lot done and it feels good!

    also, your date outfit is great! love the dress!

  6. I do the same thing for my little nieces as well. The hubby and I stay up just as late and sleep in when possible. But for those little cuties, I'd do anything!

    PS: Your glasses are lookin fab!

  7. he he - funny dream! And *so cute*, the Smitty's date with your nieces...lovely. Love Smitty's! I haven't seen one in Vancouver since I've been here, actually - odd. And loooove your glasses, miss! :) Happy weekend!

  8. that's a pretty cool dream -- i'd love to play Target Lady's assistant.

    you're sooooooo pretty, LA!

  9. AHHH!! I can't believe I won! I've never won a giveaway before, I couldn't be more excited. Thanks so much! I don't know what your email address is, so can you email me at & I'll give you my address?

    Thank you!!

  10. love your blog !
    i have terrible sleeping patterns too haha.
    you look adorable in that picture by the way :)

  11. Your new hair is INCREDIBLE! You look so pretty!


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