Fuzzy Fridays "Sunni & Peanut"

Dogs: Sunni and Peanut (Peanut is Sunni's Aunt!)
Mom: Lindsay
Location: Calais Maine

Peanut is the black lab (because my family has roasted peanuts for a long time) and the yellow puppy is Sunni (probably because she's yellow... that was her name when we got her). Peanut is pretty relaxed and Sunni is the opposite... always shaking her butt and carrying something around in her mouth (bowls, socks, washcloths, toys, stuffed animals, etc).

Last Christmas my mom had everything all ready for the stockings... we went out for the evening and when we got home, we noticed there were pieces of wrappers on the floor. We soon realized that Sunni (Peanut probably sat in the corner thinking 'you are going to be in so much trouble") had eaten three chocolate oranges, a whole bag of hershey chocolate kisses and two trays of chocolate minds. The weird thing was that she actually ate most of the packaging. We could only find some of it, but all of the chocolate was missing so we know she had to of eaten it. Thank goodness, she was fine afterwards-- although she did get sick a few times. I would have to say that Sunni suffered somewhat of a chocolate hangover!
Share your cute phrase photo for Peanut in the FN Flickr group too (OR, just type what you'd write in her thought bubble here in the comments. Mine would be: Peanut: "You shoulda been a chocolate lab." Sunni: "Har har Aunty Peanut!"
To download Sunni and Peanuts bubble photo, right-click the image and select "save image as". Then print and add text manually or via photoshop.
Thanks so much for sharing Sunni & Peanut with us Lindsay... I bet Lola would love playing with them :)


  1. Awww how cute! You know, I have two darling puppies who would love to be featured on Fuzzy Friday!

  2. Wow.... Lucky Sunni didn't die. Chocolate has been known to be deadly to dogs and cats because of the theobromine.

    Hope they stay safe and away from chocolate!

  3. Aww, Peanut and Sunni are far too cute! Haha, dogs can be little buggers sometimes. I can't remember the entire story but one of my old dogs ended up eating a whole turkey one Christmas (he was a very sick doggy after that). Glad to hear Sunni survived all that chocolate!

  4. I love this feature!!!
    Love, Cheryl and Peanut.

  5. Oh such cute doggies!!! I wish I knew something witty to include in the comment bubbles -___-

    hehe I'm just like Sunni.... I love chocolate. Definitely my weakness. and nemesis. and best friend. We have a weird relationship, chocolate and I.......... I could probably eat my weight in chocolate!!! Yummm!

    I'm glad nothing too serious happened to Sunni after eating all that chocolate. That's pretty scary to deal with considering how chocolate is sometimes deadly to dogs... yikes!

  6. Just rediscovered your blog, buried in a list of blogs I follow and I am so glad. I love it, thanks for being you!

  7. Sounds like my dog! He ate a whole bag of chocolate kisses, wrappers and all!!


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