2 Parts Wonderful

Today is such a special day! The new Red Velvet has opened its doors after months of hard work and years of dreams that are coming true for Elsie, Emma, Jeremy, Rachel and Don & Elizabeth (my Missouri family)! I shed a few happy tears last night when I saw the sign & lit up storefront on Jeremy's blog, imagining how it must feel for them to see it all come together and the anticipation of it showing & functioning today and for many years to come! Congratulations you guys, I love and can't believe how beautiful, magical and amazing it is!! I wish I was there for the party, but even more so... I wish you the very very best! See you guys in May!!
 More stories & pics of the RV journey here on Elsie's blog :) This is my very favorite detail so far...
In the same family of talent, Jeremy Larson's new band "Fort Christmas" released an EP a little over a week ago and I can't stop listening to it (and singing it all the time). I've never loved a collection of 5 songs so much, buy it (it's $5!) and sing along with me... it's so innocent, joyful, boppy and fun to listen to (boppy in a great way). The 5 songs share the journey of Jeremy and Elsie meeting, falling in & experiencing love and-- getting engaged:) Seriously so sweet! I'm a big fan and highly recommend it :)


  1. Oooh this looks so exciting! I can only dream of owning a space like that.

  2. Ok your blog is SO freaking cute. The title and all! Such great work!

  3. i love thrift store shopping toooO!


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