fuzzy Fridays: Parrot

I have a combination of a love and fear of parrots; they're so fascinating & pretty but also... really weird right?!
Happy Friday!! xo, Leigh-Ann


  1. He is kinda of cute though. ;)

    I posted my first project on my blog tonight.. Finally got around to starting the class! Love it so far. Thanks so much!


  2. my dad has an amazon parrot that is very pretty, but instead of flying, it walks around the house...up and down the stairs...now that is a creepy sight!!!

  3. i love parrots!
    this pet store in my hometown had one named malibu for a really long time.
    my husband and i would always go visit him, and after awhile the parrot actually recognized us, and would let us feed him, touch him.
    he would lick our hands and everything.
    one time i turned my back to him, though...and he thought the bun in my hair was a really neat toy. and he tried to eat it. : )


  4. Oh my goodness, he is so stinking cute!!!!!!!!!!!! I love birds, we have two. My sister has an African Grey who talks all the time and is sooooooo very friendly. Love them.

  5. I totally agree. I've always felt that all birds can be beautiful or cute (the little pudgy ones!), but at the same time they make me nervous and kind of creep me out! When my hubby and I were on our honeymoon in Hawaii, we stopped at this place that was full of parrots, and my hubby thought they were going to let him hold one, but instead they piled six onto him! Two of them were sort of fighting with each other, and even though he's smiling in the picture we took, he was really scared and uncomfortable. I said no thanks to meeting them up close. :) I can send you a link to the pic if you want (don't think he'd want me to post it publicly, haha).

  6. Thansk for the comments guys :)
    Meg & Mandy. a large red parrot crawled onto my sholders to the center of my back (he was facing my hair)... it was SO freaky, i can't imagine six of them!!! I think I'd start crying in a panic!

  7. You need to re-name this post "Feathery Friday" ^_^

    My dad has had tons of parrots and they are really awesome and ridiculously smart (African Greys are my favorite) but most of all they are LOUD.

  8. Oh! I had a lovely love bird that I hand-reared. Her name was Orlando. One day (around 'adolescence' I guess..), she changed from cuddles and nibble games to fierce biting :( I never was able to take her out of her cage to play after that. Parrots, weird!

  9. I love parrots! It is true though that sometimes they get over excited and they'll bite. I worked for a small animal hospital for years and we would take care of this parrot Sonny when his parents went on vacation and he was such a lover. I turned my head once to get something and he bit me right behind the ear and it hurt something terrible!! I still loved him though! :)

  10. My friend had a cockatoo in college named 'Vise' because its beaky grip on things was so strong. It chewed off the edges of a lot of her furniture. It was a really pretty bird but there was no way I was going to pet it and lose a finger :) BTW, thanks for putting my pouch in your 'favorite something' feature!

  11. Parrots kind of freak me out. My mom was bitten by a large one. But we had a cockatiel for a pet. They are only like five inches high. They don't talk but they wistle. Ours was named Chicken and he loved to be petted! Maybe you might like cockatiels better! ;)


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