3 Dresses & a Little Story

A few dresses that I love so much...
from SavoyBetty (going to wear it with heels and a pretty belt)
from snootieseconds (going to wear it with a cardigan --fershure)
 from veravague

My New Fridge Story
I don't want this to sound like a brag... more of an insight look behind the financial scenes of a small business girl. 
A few weeks ago, my fridge broke down while I was out of town and needed to be replaced along with all the food in it (minus ketchup and drinks)... I was telling Elsie how nice it was that eventhough it stinks to rebuy a fridge (and live out of a cooler for 1.5 weeks while I waited for my delivery-ha!), I had money in the bank to afford my new fridge and I sure appreciate how 'advantageous' my hard work with Freckled Nest has become over the last two years; that I'm not constantly stressed by money anymore. She said I should tell this story on my blog since it's because of you that I was able to handle this without a credit card AND to share a little of how money paydays work differently when you're your own boss. 
1. I sure do appreciate each and every one of you! Thank you for all your support of Freckled Nest and the things I put out there! 
2. I used to live paycheck to paycheck in my mainstream job and the pay was capped. I would have been crushed at such a necessary/large purchase and it could have set me back for months (and caused a lot of crying). Having your own business can often be financially trying but when it gets good, (i find) it gets easier financially than a regular job because you're not limited to the earnings of your payday... you can do more for the times when you need and save up when there's extra. I (personally) feel like there's so much more potential and it's kinda nice that for the first time EVER in my life, I'm not worried about a continuous zero balance in my bank (or minus, gaah). Life isn't about things but when you can't afford things, it makes life pretty darn hard. I'm a single girl with a small business, mortgage, car, lots of sushi, no debt, a shiny fridge and a great dog... thank you for helping me make this possible!! I feel very very lucky to be embraced in such a creative, loving, beautiful community and that I'm able to pursue my huge dream and make special things for you!!
 My pretty new fridge... before I refilled it, ha!
Love you, Leigh-Ann


  1. I don't see why you feel the need to refill your fridge, it looks like you've got the essentials covered already ;)

  2. thanks for sharing!! It encourages me to open an etsy shop, I've been saying I was going to do so for a year now... Congrats on the new fridge! Tis the season (I know a ton of ppl who got new ones this last month)

  3. i think we have the same fridge ... http://thosecrazyschuberts.com/2010/04/grown-ups-for-real-we-bought-an-appliance.html

  4. thanks SO much for sharing, you are an inspiration to wannabe craftista web designers like me <3

  5. lol! LA we are definitely fridge twins, that's too funny :)

    Congratulations on how far you've come with FN and on all of your stability, you're beyond an inspiration :)

  6. Love all of those dresses - but the last one is pefection (especially with the belt)! You're going to look so cute in those Leigh-Ann:)

    Congrats on the new fridge!

  7. that's awesome. when i can afford your master design skills, i will come knocking on your door. it's so fun to be able to promote and support small business owners! :)



  8. yea, i think the fridge is filled just fine. I think I might add pickles or something - then you're good.

  9. I thank you for this post. It's encouraging. We are working very hard at paying down our debt, and things of the "fridge on the fritz" scenarios keep popping up. It's nice to know that someone is making it happen and that it is attainable. Congrats on the fridge!

  10. Good for you with that Fridge and what it represents. So happy/proud/inspired. Love you.

  11. Beautiful dresses and a beautiful story!! I bet that has to be the most amazing feeling to not only be financially stable but to know you did it yourself through your hard work and wonderful ideas. Congrats!

  12. What a great story! Love ittt!

  13. thanks so much for this! it inspires me to keep going with my tiny business even as i live paycheck to paycheck at my (yucky) day job!

  14. so proud for you! That is a wonderful feeling!!!

  15. yay for you! that is really exciting that running your own business (while enjoying it...thats a major plus!) has gotten you to a point where you can fully take care of yourself. I feel like i am constantly scraping by, staying positive, but knowing that i can't live like this for much longer. i hope i can keep chugging along and really start to develop the life i want to lead with a healthy balance of money too!
    <3 moorea

  16. Thanks for the reminder....congrats! That's super exciting when you don't have to live paycheck to paycheck AND the best part is you're doing what you love and what you're good at....ahhhhh. YOU ROCK!

  17. How awesome! So happy for you and if you feel the need to share your margaritas I'm here for you! xoxo

  18. Fridge contents- a girl after my own heart!

    Love your blog.


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