Day 6: Grandpa + Father + Grandma

[Actions make a difference! My original photo here
I'll be back tonight with a bigger post... I'm sewing in the daylight, computertime at night, eating blueberries all day long (they're on sale for $1 a pint!!). I loooove berries!


  1. The photoshop action really brightened up your original photograph. So funny to read how a lot of bloggers are in different time zones. Here it's late in the evening. Good luck with your sewing and enjoy those blueberries.

  2. can you pass me a blueberry? just one.


  3. Nice, you should buy a bunch and freeze them!

  4. I love the middle chair... I mean they're all great but that one stole my heart. And about the blueberries... I feed them to my daughter all day long. You guys would be friends.

  5. Just love how you give items character with your photography.
    So jealous of your day eating berries!


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