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Last week I got a letter from Vanessa, a Freckled Nest reader :) She's always wanted a lipring but has held off due to how it could impact the way people perceive her at work and her uncertainty about the process. She asked me a few questions and I thought it would be fun to share the Q&A here incase anybody else wonders the same things. If you have any questions, feel free to write them in the comments or email me... maybe they'll make a future post too :)
xoxo, Leigh-Ann
Vanessa's Questions...
(Please note: My responses are based on personal experience and opinion. The comments in this post share a few other perspectives that might be helpful. Always consult a professional for an expert opinion.)

1. My biggest fear is the possible lack of getting a "real" job and the assumptions made in say an interview.
That's a smart thing to consider. I've had my lip pierced twice. The first time was when I was 19 and it was a less common piercing.  Later in the year, I went on a one month school trip to Guatemala and my teachers asked me to take it out for the month due to cultural differences where we were. I did and tried wearing a plug so that it wouldn't grow in, but after the first week, the plug was just a nuisance (longterm) and I let it grow in.
When I was 25, I wanted to get it re-pierced and asked my current employer if they'd mind... I was a secretary and they said they'd strongly prefer if I didn't, so I just waited. After I quit my job and went full time Freckled Nest, I got it re-pierced in the same spot and it hurt a lot more than the first time because it was being pierced on the original holes' scar tissue rather than just fat tissue (the first time, it hurt less than when i got the top of my ear pierced).
I've applied for a few less creative part time jobs and took the ring out for the interview (camera store clerk & waitress). When they asked me if I had any questions at the end of the interview, I'd say something like, "I usually wear a lip ring, is it okay to wear it at work?". That way it hasn't made a first impression and they know I'm flexible if they don't allow piercings. Two places were fine with it and one said it was outside of their policy.

2. When you take out your lip ring is the hole very noticable?  Does it close up easily?
When you take the ring or stud out, it's just a little dip that most people won't even notice. It will close up much faster than an earring hole, but after it's been there for 6 months to a year, it's usually okay to have the earring out for part of the day or you can use a plug. A plug fills the hole and prevents it from healing shut... it's a clear or skin color post that fills the hole and doesn't show above the surface of your skin.

3. Did you have much swelling upon piercing?
It swells a little (ice it the first day), but it's more of a bruising issue. The bruises were on my chin and were noticeable for a week of so.

4. I've heard it can affect your teeth; any words on that?
I suppose it could but I haven't noticed a problem. Dr. Nancy (my dentist) asks me to take it out when she x-rays my teeth but she never says bad things about it.

5. Does is make it any more difficult to eat? Drink? Put on chapstick? :)
At first it might feel a bit obtrusive, but you'll adjust really quickly and will not even notice it after a short while. When I put chapstick on my bottom lip, I put it on the main/big part, then a bit on the little part on the other side of my lipring, then smush my lips together; the lipgloss is rarely noticeable on the ring (and if it is, it rubs off easy). If I wore solid lipstick, I'd probably use a lipstick brush.

6. Any other thoughts you have regarding my dilemma would be much appreciated!!
* Tip for putting the ball on: (I find this hard and usually ask for help) but it helps to use a small piece of wide elastic so that you can better grip the ball as you put it on.
* Go to a professional. Piercings can be dangerous if it's not a clean environment with brand new needles and sterilized tools. Your piercer will show you each component as he opens the sterile/new package so that you know it's fresh. Do your homework and go in educated so that you know you're safe and in good hands :)
* The right size ring makes a difference. I like the circumference of mine small so that it doesn't pertrude from my lip with a smallish ball. When you get your piercing, the ring will be a bit big to accommodate the swelling. After 1 or 2 months, you can downsize your ring :)
* When I look in the mirror, I don't even notice it anymore. I don't play with it or bite it, and nobody ever says anything about it... I don't notice it making an impression (that being said, i have a different kind of 'workplace'). Actually, my Grandpa is afraid of what will happen whenever I give him a kiss... ha ;)


  1. Thank you so much for posting this :) I have been considering it for some time and you have answered all of my questions. Most sites don;t give straight answers or sometimes no answer at all!

  2. cool post leigh-ann! i had my lip pierced (in the middle though) when i was around 16 and i left it in for a lot of years. one time i left it out too long and it closed too much to put back through (like a couple days, oops). i've been thinking of repiercing but extra pain doesn't sound good! we'll see!

  3. Awesome tips Leigh-Ann! I have quite a few piercings and I want to second the comment about going to a clean place that you feel comfortable with. No piercer will force you into what you don't want to do and should answer all of your questions.

  4. well your skin looks great!!

  5. It looks so pretty on you! I have my nose pierced & have since I was 19; I often totally forget it's there!

  6. you are like stunningly gorgeous.
    that is all.

  7. Just a quick comment about your lip piercing closing up. Everyone is different and heals differently. I had my lip pierced for years and haven't had it in for about 2 years now. There is still a hole and I can still slip a small gauged ring into it. Some people's piercings don't close fully. (Often lip piercings & munroe piercings) So if anyone is thinking of getting it done, just keep that in mind.


    (Hope you don't mind me putting this in!)

  8. Leigh-Ann,
    I wholeheartedly agree with Carly. You are gorgeous!! Thanks for always posting such inspiring vintageness! I love Freckled Nest!!

  9. This is a great post for information! I have had snakebites for over 2 years, and I barely notice them now. I recently decided that I was going to take them out, and did so for about a day, but all of my friends were so upset that I had to put them back in. Haha.

  10. I love your lip ring. I am a 40+yo elementary teacher who has had a pierced nose for the past 9 years. It was very uncommon in my community at that time. Now most people don't even notice it and I've had people meet me and ask me months later about my piercing which they have just noticed. I am happy that society as a whole is becoming more tolerant of personal choices with piercing and tattoos (which I also sport!)

  11. your lip ring is adorable! i like how you answer questions. you really take the time, and it is obvious you think your answers through :)
    you are so rad!
    also, that bottom picture of you is HAWT :D

  12. I had a piercing from the ages 17 to 20, i read online that the longer you have it in the less likely it will fully heal if you decide to take it out. This panicked me cos i realised that i didn't want it for the rest of my life so i took it out. Sure enough, the back of it (inside of my lip) has healed over but the hole is still visible on the outside. I'm 22 now so i'm kinda used to it but it still bugs me that i have a little hole under my lip. Just wanted to add this in case people only want a piercing semi-permanently. I don't regret it though, i loved having a piercing for those years, it was who i was then but its not who i am anymore :)

    On another note, i couldn't stand having my ring on because it constantly felt like my lip was wet because the ring was cold! haha! i could never get used to it.

  13. Tip for putting the ball on piercing IS THE BEST ADVICE EVER!!! ;)

  14. that last photo of you is stunning leigh-ann!!

  15. you look sooo gorgeous in both of those photos leigh-ann!!

  16. you are super gorgeous! you have such pretty skin, eyes and a smile :]

    woot! go LA!

  17. Hi! I'm a professional body piercing and I read your blog daily. You've given some pretty good advice, but there were just a couple things I wanted to add/change.

    When you take out your lip ring is the hole very noticable? Does it close up easily?
    Usually when you've retired a piercing and it's healed over it will appear as would an enlarged pore. As far as closing it depends on the person, some people heal really quickly and will close in as fast as 30min and some can leave their piercing out for years and it won't close no matter how long you've had it.

    Did you have much swelling upon piercing?
    Some people have more swelling than others and it is great to chew on ice or put a cold compress on your piercing for the first few days. Initial swelling usually lasts between 3-5 days, but in some extreme cases can last up to 2 weeks. Again it depends on the person. Bruising is common, but it's definitely not a good idea to put make up on or around your piercing. It's the same as if you were getting dirt in it it will irritate your piercing. I usually recommend that girls wait at least 6-8 weeks before applying make up on or around their piercing.

    I've heard it can affect your teeth; any words on that?
    Some oral piercings can wear on the enamel on your teeth and in some cases cause gum recession. This all depends on the placement of your jewelry and if you're playing/biting your jewelry. Gum recession is more likely when you're wearing a labret stud because the flat disc on the inside can rub against your gums, again this all depends on if your piercing is properly placed.

    If anybody has any questions about anything or you wanna yell at me for sounding like a know-it-all you can e-mail me at murderbyjill@gmail.com

    You can also look through my portfolio over here- www.amilliontattoo.com


  18. you look SO pretty in the last photo! :)


  19. You look so old school hollywood beautiful in that second pic! Gorgeous! Brooke

  20. You look gorgeous! And, I hope you don't mind me adding my own experience, but I've had my lip pierced twice, once in the middle of my lip, once on the side (didn't have them at the same time). And like a previous commenter said, I know everyone is different, but I've had the first lip piercing, the one that was in the center of my bottom lip, out for almost 10 years, and I still have a mark there, like a little dip/scar. (I also chipped one of my front teeth on it, from repeatedly playing with the loop, but that's my own silliness!) The side lip piercing, for whatever reason, and even though it was not as long ago, has no mark.

  21. Thanks for the nice comments everyone :)
    xoxo, LA

  22. i want a monroe piercing on the lower lip -- but i'm scared that it would hurt too much. :(

    yours looks PREEETTY.

  23. This is a great post LA! I have my bottom lip pierced on the side as well, and I wear a little stud in it. I didn't see it mentioned, so I want to point out, that if you wear a *metal* stud in your bottom or top lip, it can cause gum recession, or it can get embedded on the inside of your lip! I've heard some horrible stories about bother, but they're both easily avoidable! The metal stud can cause gum recession if it sits or rubs on your gums the other way. I have a plastic stud (its called bioplast, or bioplatsy) so I can avoid this. Also, if you were a stud that is too short while your lip is swollen it can get embedded, so you just have to wear a long one until all the swelling goes down. I thought I would mention these because I didn't hear about them until after I got my piercing, and they sound scary but they are easy to avoid! I love my lip piercing though! I often forget about it, but I have gotten nothing but compliments on it!

  24. i know what you mean about it being less common to more common. ive had my lip ring going on 4 years and i use to never see them, only nose and tongue, but now there EVERYWHERE! But its still my favorite piercing to date.


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