I'm cutting myself off---

 Hehe, I bought more! Well, the one above was actually a birthday gift from my bestie Jill and it's my favorite of them all! I found the ones below this past week and the mailbox has had dresses coming day after day, it's AWESOME! :) Time to stop shopping though... unless I find an extra special one (I'll keep you posted, ha)!
from Isobel's Wardrobe
 from RaraeAves
 ($13 for the Lot!! I love eBay :)
I love having something to hunt for and collections to build (right now I'm collecting a certain kind of towels and cafeteria trays). What are you shopping these days? 

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  1. I'm in love with dress right now too...I've been making cute summer jumpers. They're so comfy.


  2. Oooh I lurve that pinky/red print one, gorgeous! I'm on the lookout for rolled-up chinos at the moment, and tropezienne sandals :D

  3. love all the dresses--so pretty.

    i'm super into collecting betty and veronica comic books right now. after i get caught up on b&v, i want to start collecting rock 'n roll comics--they have the most awesome bands on the covers.

  4. Lovely! I bought a Dainty June dress yesterday. I'd like to go dress shopping with you! :)

  5. ack!
    that first dress=major swoonage!

    right now i'm in to collecting vintage state plates. i strive to get them all.

    and of course vintage table cloths/tea towels.

  6. Oh my goodness, that pretty pink vintage dress is sublime! (if I had seen it before you, I would've snapped it up first! hehehe).
    I just got bit by the vintage day dress bug. Got my first one today in the mail & am in love.

    Happiness is scoring sweet summer dresses in just the right size. It will be a new addiction, along with analog cameras. :)

  7. these are so fun! i really need to find myself some pretty summery dresses on the cheap.. maybe i should check out ebay!

  8. those dresses are adorable! Right now I am collecting vintage wooden owls. And unique animal flower pots.


  9. Im also looking for cute dresses I think they will inspire me to drop a few pounds XD
    ...pls post more vintage finds!

  10. cute dresses - dress shopping can be so addictive! i thrifted three dresses last week, and i was pretty pumped :)

  11. I love that one with the red flowers!! My closet is jealous of yours :)

    Right now I am collecting cute fabrics... not sure what I am going to do with them yet but I just like looking at them! LOL

  12. Oh my goodness! I'm collecting dresses too!! I have a desire to wear a pretty dress (or appropriate skirt combo) every day this summer... And after all the dresses I have bought in the past few weeks, I think I'll be able to!


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