Feature Blog: Abbie Morrison

Last month I created this custom blog for Abbie Morrison, a photographer located near Portland Maine, USA. Abbie asked for a beachy, bohemian vibe with lots of vintage tones and texture :) I used her photos exclusively to create the blog elements and enjoyed the challenge of making Abbie's vision come together! Take a look at AbbieMorrison.com and check back regularly for posts that feature her photos along with other talented photographers...plus stories, video and the making of a blissful, inspired life :)
[credit: digital washi tapes by Pugly Pixel]
It was awesome working with you Abbie and your landscape picture (above) still gives me goosebumps! I loved bonding over Kate on Dancing with the Stars and building a friendship, you're an awesome woman!! :)
Freckled Nest would love to give you a Blog Makeover or Blog as a Website! Information here :)


  1. Wow! That last photo is indeed goose-bump inducing. Off to check out more of Abbie.

  2. as usual, LA, your work is beautiful, inspiring, and extremely well delivered! Someday, in the future, I know just who I'll turn to when I need a blog makeover (or rather, have the $$ to invest in it!).
    Love your work.
    Sarah M

  3. amazing LA! :) once i save up i have to get you to design my blog! you're too good! ;)

  4. so so so lovely!!
    I can't wait til I can afford my blog makeover :)
    such a beautiful job

  5. very beautiful! im on the path of trying to do some of the same things that you are so its very inspiring to see your wonderful work. =)


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