Fanclub: Cafeteria

When I go thrifting, diner and cafeteria-ware are is what I always go for! I love the durablity, the design and the charm (and the food!). These are some of the useable collections I'm building; things that I can't resist when I find them in person :)
- I collect cafeteria trays but only one of each style :) These ones are from PeachyChicBoutique.
- Sectioned ceramic fondue dishes...
- I always snatch up this design of Restaurant China Dishes... so far I have a platter, round plates, a cup and 6 oval plates. These cup/saucers are from LaVogue.
- Polka Dot Pyrex Bowls (this one from theVintageBelle)...
- And fun glasses like this...
Other things I love to see...
from weartheartis
 from MrsLoaf
Wouldn't it be fun to own a vintage Convenience Store slash Diner like this...
And I'd wanna live above it :)


  1. aw i love all of those things you posted

    and yes, owning a vintage diner would be so amazing. every girls dream...well, not every girls...but a lot i know of! hehe :)

  2. o wow. i LOVE that blue pitcher. it reminds me of my blue teapot :) im afraid to let myself buy cafeteria trays...because i may never be able to stop!

  3. i love those teal lovely perfect trays. i want them for myself. :)

  4. it would have to be a candy store. ;-D You can't have my trays btw, so back off.

  5. successful trip! id love to own a general store for sure too!

  6. What a fun post - I love cafeteria trays too and that pyrex dish is so cute!

  7. Love all of the above. I found a couple of cafeteria trays yesterday and love them but not sure what I am going to go with them. What do you do with yours? Use as hold a meal? Decoration?

  8. oooh... I love that building! My husband could have his own little tattoo shop in the front shop and I'd do my crafting up in the attic! Kids, cooking, baking, living would all happen in between! =)

  9. awesome!
    look at these too,

  10. Love this post. What an awesome collection of stuff! : )

  11. How did lunch trays ever go out of style? How?!


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