Red Velvet Summer Camp [registration OPEN]

Registrations are OPEN :) You can register with the paypal button (left sidebar) or through the Red Velvet Site... see you there! :) xo.
Red Velvet Summer Camp, Online Class
Yaaay! Registrations open tomorrow for our next Online Class, Red Velvet Summer Camp! Elsie and Rachel have recreated Summer Camp (one of my favorite things) and invited Holly, Emma and myself to teach with them! :) I was the crafts teacher when I was a camp counselor as a teenager and I'm excited all over again to teach my 5 special projects :)
*Registrationis now open!
What is 'Red Velvet Summer Camp'?
Red Velvet Summer Camp is a 6 week online class encouraging a crafty, handmade lifestyle. This course is filled with projects to keep your summer inspired and fun-filled. We will share 30 Do-It-Yourself projects and have three live chats with students! The cherry-on-top is merit badge project to celebrate the end of Summer Camp! It's sure to be lots of fun. NOTE: This class is appropriate for all ages & family friendly, but projects are primarily set up for an adult skill level. :)
Summer Camp Project List:
10 Button Based Embroidery Patterns, Summer Floral Hair Clip, 'Hello' Woven Floor Mat, Summer Log Art Journal, Leather Feather Earrings, 3 Upcycled Tank Tops, Pup Tent (as seen in promo photos), Doily Plastic Bag Holder, Loom DIY (make your own loom), Swiss Cross Pillow, Ready-To-Use Recipe Box, Beaded Chandelier, Canvas Cloud Bath Mat, Mod Tote Bag, 3 D.I.Y. Bracelets (using three techniques), Pretty Windchime, Beach Blanket, Hanging Lanterns, Rockabilly Head Wrap with Summer Lovin' Embroidery Patterns, Happy Thoughts Wreath, Plush Animal Greeting Card Set, Fresh Fruit Apron Makeover, Simply Charming Necklace and Key Chain, Somebody Loves me Pillow Case Set, Tea Party Decor D.I.Y. (learn to throw the perfect little tea party!), Plush Scout Animal (with patterns), Forest Friends Shadow Box, Photo Fridge Magnets, Mini Party Garland, Scout's Honor Merit Badge Project (make pillows or wearable pieces with downloadable badge designs by Elsie & Rachel!)
Class Details:
*Red Velvet Summer Camp is a 6 week online class that begins June 14th.
*Supplies: Class Supplies are posted in advance on the private blog. Most supplies are inexpensive craft store items and items you may already own. We work hard to keep the supply list super affordable with lots of options.
*Class includes Bi-Weekly chats with the teachers (both text and video chats are included).
*Private Blog access will be sent to you within 24 hours of payment. The blog includes supply lists and a fun welcome post for pre-class preparation & a chance to meet fellow students.
*Our class is set up on an open ended time frame so that students can follow at their own pace. There are no deadlines or pressure and the private blog stays posted for one full year after class completion for students to reference!
*Class Fee $60 USD
*Payments accepted via paypal (left sidebar) and the red velvet site 
*If you have questions, please e-mail racheldenbow(at)gmail(dot)com.
This class is going to be so much fun and the project list is giving me goosebumps!! I'm so excited, see you there!! Leigh-Ann :)


  1. I`ll join the camp
    ....Im so excited!!

  2. I'm so much looking forward it and I'm definitely going to join this class, because Indie Biz was so interesting and I can't wait to do more of your projects. :)

  3. I would love to take this class...hopefully I can find the funds before sign-ups! Looks like so much fun!

  4. Where is the camp? Sounds like fun!

  5. Jill, it's an online class... you can take it from wherever you live :)

  6. how cute is that!
    how cute are you guys!?
    what a dream job my friend!
    talent is in abundance!
    (so is adorableness!)

    so exciting!
    i may just take the class! :)

  7. What a great idea! Looks like so much fun!

  8. Your photos are awesome!!! So fun!

  9. so fun! my kids and I are looking forward to it!! =)

  10. Wish I could join ! seems you're gonna have so much fun !


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