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Congratulations Kate, you win two prints from The Peach Pit!! Please email and I'll connect you with Tams :) 3. Join me this Friday (2pm cst) at Ustream for my live craft tv-show. We will be making reusable display frames for our favorite tiny collections! Pick up the supplies ahead of time and we'll craft together & chat worldwide!
Supplies Needed: - picture frame (ideal size: 5x7 inches or less. thrifted frames work great for this project) - 1 piece of pretty fabric a bit bigger than your frame - cork tile or cork potholder (needs to be at least the size of your picture frame window) - acrylic paint in your favorite color - strong white glue (i like Aleene's Tacky glue) - spray glue (optional) - straight pins or corsage pins - ruler, x-acto knife, paint brush, scissors, pencil - hairdryer - your favorite tiny collection (i'm using buttons!)


  1. Oooh can't wait for Friday! Congrats on joining RVA btw! :) xo

  2. yaaaaay! go girl! i am OBSEEEESSSSED with that staircase, oh my GOSH. i bet your new space will look incredible once it is all decked out! congrats on the big move darling lady!
    <3 moorea

  3. i just read elsie's blog... it's incredible news!!!!! i'm so stinking excited for you!! i'm definitely going to come visit RVA while you are there!! congratulations :)

  4. Congratulations! I'm a little bummed because I had big dreams that when I move to Winnipeg this summer I'd bump into you and meet a famous blog person! But it's pretty exciting. Good luck!

  5. that is such exciting news! two of my favorite bloggers working side by side is bound to be something good :)

    may the transition be smooth and i hope you have a blast!

    is your new home a loft? beautiful staircase!

  6. First off, such amazing news!!! Congratulations! Second, I was wondering if it's possible to view the video after it's been live? I work during the day, but would love the chance to make the picture frame.

  7. I suspect you'll have an amazing adventure. I can't wait to read all about it here. Elsie is lucky to have you!

  8. I have just got a supply of buttons and they are super big, can't wait to start making something with them :)
    Lovely blog by the way.


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