Mother's Day Shopping Ideas

Momma is my favorite person in the whole world! She loves our family so much, supports us all 100%, raised us with her whole heart and she is beautiful! Mother's day is only 13 days away and I'm looking for some cool gift ideas...


Squeal for Neil t-shirt, $22.95

10 Tissue Pom Kit, $35


Sprout Necklace, $24

Family Tree Windchime, $62.50

"Out for Lunch"
Apple Jacket, $10

Vintage Apron Pattern PDF, $5

East Hampton Tote, $75

Seaglass Earrings, $24.50

XOXO, Leigh-Ann :)


  1. so many fun ideas! thanks, LA! and what an adorable pic of you and your mom! beautiful!

    xoxo, juliette

  2. I can't think of a gift for the life of me this year. Normally I think of one very quick.... nothing this year.

  3. I'm working on making my mom a coffee cozy and buying her a Farmville giftcard! We share an obsession with Farmville. It's pretty funny, we'll call each other and talk strategy... I know, we're crazy, but I love it <3

  4. hehe thats are some really cute ideas! thanks! i think im going to go simple this year and get my mom some flowers....she loves tulips!

  5. Hi LA, just poppin' by to say hello, i love your blog! :)


  6. it is lovely that u are so close to your mum & i have been thru alot together & i wouldnt change any of it cause we are so close now


  7. Great ideas! It is coming right up! I LOVE the beautiful photo of you and your mom....thanks for sharing!

  8. just bought the gardening necklace for myself as a mother's day gift! so cute! thanks for showing us all the wonderful lovelies that are out there.

  9. Hi Lala, I really like all the ideas you have here, especially the flour shakers, earrings, chime and necklace, HINT, HINT!!
    All really nice. Thanks ahead of time. Heeeeheee! :)

    Love Momma

  10. Hi Mom I would really like to get you the born inenity trilogy for mothers day ;)

  11. ahhh I love the apple jacket! my mom would love that!
    Unfortunately Mothers day have been and gone here in the UK.


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