Last minute Style School Spots!

Due to tons of requests Elsie and I have decided to open the Style School registration back up for another day or two! If you'd like to join our new online class (it begins this Sunday!)
ETA: Registration is closed and we are at capacity. School has begun :)
Note: this will be the last time spots are available for this class. we don't have plans to repeat this class! XOXO, Leigh-Ann :)


  1. I just signed up- but I am not sure where to go to get the information and supply list.

  2. Hi Angela, cool! :) You'll receive the login info within the next 24hours and the supplies list is waiting for you in the class blog :) See you there!! :)

  3. I just signed up myself!! I'm so excited I could just burst. I'll be missing the first week, as I will be in Edelweiss for my birthday (Resort Logde in Garmish, Germany)... but after reading that the blog will be up for a while, I decided it was definitely worth signing up still.

    I can't wait!

  4. thank you sooo much for opening this back up! i just signed up and i am completely jazzed! you, elsie and all of the contributers you've picked for style school are all sooo inspiring and i can't wait to get started!

  5. Hi Leigh-Ann, okay? Came here to say hi to him here in Brazil and say they love it here, much fashion and interesting. Come back more often. A big kiss. Carol

  6. Hi!!

    I got it! It went into my junkmail folder :) Excited!

  7. wohoo! Got in at the last minute! I remember when I first came across this, too late, and felt so sad that I missed my chance. And voila! The day before classes start, I'm in.
    Overly excited for the creative process to begin.
    Thank you (all) for putting this special stylin' class on.


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