good tidings and joy

1. Dad's giving Momma a puppy for Christmas & Mom's SO excited! I can't wait to meet Tiny on Tuesday!! :) 2. Pretty things inspiring me tonight 247012393_c3847ccbb7_o crafts 3. Violet and I got to talk tonight on Skype...we're both missing each other in the most perfectly pathetic way :] A few photos from the night before Violet left... (Violet wanted to go to a casino since she'd never been... she walked away with two cents! ;) Love Leigh-Ann


  1. Now you've gone and got me all weepy! I SO wish I live down the street, or you for me. *sad sigh*

    Remember free hot chocolate, wheelchair swimming and hairnet boy?.....!!! So good!

    By the way... the three of us are pretty hot. If we were mail order brides, I'd SO buy us. Work it, sisters!

    LOVE YOU! <3

  2. I'm sure you get this twentythirty bajillion times a day, but your glasses are so adorable. They really suit you.

    And a puppy for Christmas, what a lucky mother!

  3. Sigh...
    I wish I had some friendship like yours..

  4. nice puppy *__*
    i love the firts picture.
    hey check my blog

    take care :)

  5. hehe. Violet you're so cute! I miss you and I hardly spent any time with you. You're a cool girl! XO

  6. And a Merry Christmas to you!!!
    Beautiful photos & so exciting about the puppy!!

  7. everyone reading this, my sister is such a liar, violet really misses me the most cause lets face it im a rad dude

  8. Gosh Kody, I though we agreed not to tell L.A... "Rad dude"... tee hee! ;D

    Jill! I'm so glad that we got to go to sushi.. I could star at your pretty face all day long. Seriously! I wouldn't mind raiding your closet, either.

    LaLa... I miss your tap water. It makes ours taste like pool water. And my cozy bed! Ahh and Ellen! I MISS you! :/ <3

    - Vi


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