Hi, I'm Leigh-Ann from Winnipeg

la-on blog You guys have blown me away with so many entries in the giveaway below! And I giggled lots because reading them one after another, it sounded like a Miss. Universe pageant, super cute! I just started updating my etsy one item at a time and it's going to take 'a while'. I have about 30 individual beauties to list, so keep watch and if you want it, snag it. I will combine shipments if you buy a few separate times. I'm so excited, I love what I've made for you! :) Huuuuugs! LA :)


  1. Hi Leigh-Ann
    I am Vivianna from San Francisco! I just wanted to tell you that you are so f-ing cute!

  2. Hello Leigh-Ann,
    I came upon your blog a few weeks ago and I am loving your posts.
    You've given me the creative kick in the rear that I've been needing lately.
    Thanks, Kim
    p.s. My grandpa was from Winnipeg. Canada rocks.

  3. helllloooooo. like those above, i am a newbie to your blog and ABSOLUTELY love it. im addicted to aesthetically pleasing things and reading your blog has made my eyes happy campers.


  4. Hi Leigh-Ann
    I'm Laurie Anne from Toronto Ontario and I have followed you for a few months now and I love it! It's a daily must have fix for me. xx

  5. Leigh-Ann...you are so much fun! I love how bright, uplifting, and fun your posts are! And your blog is down right creative!!

    Have a super weekend!

  6. Peas and Carrots!!

    Love you, my dear little super-cute lady!

  7. Hi Leigh-Ann,
    I'm Chelsea from Mesa, Arizona and I think you have the cutest style!
    Was this taken in your house or a dressing room? :]


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