Happy Tuesday! :)

Today is your last chance to enter my Big Giveaway, info here :) Tomorrow I'll draw a winner! ps. If you're waiting on a reply, I'm definitely catching up on my Freckled Nest emails tomorrow ...as I sip a Coke, listening to my new Tegan and Sara cd on repeat (number 1, 3 and 9 are my favorite songs) and bat my eyes at Keith ;)


  1. sainthood is amazing, yes? my definite favorite is the cure, or number 6, but i love it allll.

  2. I did it!!! I am in style school and you are now officially my teacher!!!! I am happy to be ur student...I promise to be respectful and have positive behavior....u cannot send me to detention!!!

  3. i love the photos you find! i print out sooo many of them for my inspiration book. :)



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