October Sponsors & 7 Giveaways

* Every month, Freckled Nest promotes a great collection of shops, blogs and artists in the right sidebar. This month, I've invited my sponsors to share why they started their Small Business and what's been their favorite part so far. Each sponsor has also contributed to the giveaway which will be won by one lucky person! How to Enter: Visit each sponsors shop or blog and discover something you like about them, their craft or a product you love and write it in the comments of this post. To make it a little easier, I put a number beside each sponsors blog & shop link so you can list your compliments a little easier :) In a few days, I will randomly draw one winner who will receive ALL 7 GIVEAWAYS, each arriving in the mail, one by one :) Giveaway is open to everyone! *Reminder* LA-TV tonight @ 7pm cst Craft, Giveaway, Sale during the Show, and Chat! NOTE: Giveway closed; winner=Megan! JILL... 1. Blog & Website & Shop Starting my own business seemed natural. I love experimenting, creating and collecting. It is a part of who I am, and who I always have been. It gives me a sense of self, purpose and individuality. For many years I have worked locally, opening up a bricks and mortar shop, and now a beautiful studio that I'm so very proud of. My favorite part these days is opening the door to Studio Lune, and feeling like I've just opened the door to my imagination. Sharing that with others comes in a very close second! ONJOLI... 2. Blog I started Pink de Ville because running my own business is something I've always wanted to do. So when the opportunity came up, I took the chance to stay at home with my son and start Pink de Ville. Our little business has grown so much from the start and now it's run by Mr. Jesse and myself. My favorite part about owning and operating Pink de Ville is the freedom you have from working for yourself and all the fun and creative times I have when making all the items we sell. It's so much fun to think up an idea today and have it up for sale in our shop tomorrow. Although owning your own business and working for youself can be bittersweet sometimes because it's literally work 24/7, I enjoy deciding where our future is headed and making all the goals and dreams I have for my shop come true. JAMIE... 3. Blog & Shop
I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in January of this year. I started my etsy shop hoping to make some extra money for my medicines and bills! But I just love to create! My favorite part is seeing something I made in somebody else's home or on somebody else. DSC09816_edited-1
JUDITH... judith 4. Blog & Shop Being able to work for myself is a dream I hope to one day accomplish. As a photographer, I cherish that creative freedom that few photographers have, which is why I started my Etsy Shop. It started out as selling vintage items, then handmade items and finally, my prints. I love everything about working on my shop and I love that I have that freedom to offer a variety of items to suit everyone's needs. giveaway KATJA... 5. Blog & Shop I forgot about being creative for some time, but I thought I'd need a new hobby at the end of last year. So I started to get crafty again and... wooosh! There was the obsession :D My friends bought some of my creations, so I opened my etsy shop in May 2009. My first sold item was "Mr. Tea", a cute handmade tea-bag from felt. I'll never forget how overwhelmed I was that someone (apart from family and friends) really seems to like what I do. The best thing about it is that I rediscovered blogging at that time. It's an everyday "To-Do"-point for me right now. My very favorite part of it all is the "crafting communtiy". I love how respectful and cheering everybody is! This has become such an important part of myself, I couldn't imagine spending a week without crafting! INKA... 6. Blog & Shop I started my own etsy shop because Leigh-Ann inspired and couraged me to do so :) It had been in my mind for a while that it would be nice to sell my own creations in a place like Etsy. The favorite part of having my own little shop, is when you have the inspiration (and time) to make new things and you see/hear that people like what you´ve created. One of my very personal favorite thing is when I can pack the envelopes ready and ship them to my customers :) DIANA... 7. Blog & Shop
The reasons I began a small business were all a matter of opportunities that came into place; it was never planned, but I don't believe in coincidences. I was let go of my job as a librarian at an academic college due to budget cuts. At the same time, I was getting emails and flickr contacts asking for prints of my photographs. I gave out some free prints at first, but decided to start charging a small fee. It grew large enough that I added my more popular items into what is now my Etsy shop. The shop has expanded from prints, to paper goods! I'm very thankful for the opportunity to work from home and my favorite part is the challenge. The motivation and discipline can be difficult, but pushing through is a great feeling.
3391072185_e17737ac69_o If you'd like to be a sponsor in November, please email FreckledNest@gmail.com to reserve your spot :) Please Note: The ad options have changed, details here. Thank you to my sponsors & supporters & readers!!! Good luck, this is a great giveaway!! XO!


  1. 1. Jill - I love all the pretty things in her Etsy shop, especially that olive green telephone and those pretty mugs!!

    2. Onjoli - The photos she posts on her blog are always inspiring and I look forward to checking out her updates.

    3. Jamie - That sunshine yoyo necklace is the prettiest necklace I've seen in a while. It may just have to go into my Etsy favorites for future purchase :)

    4. Judith - Ooh I love her blog! Yay, I have someone new to follow :D

    5. Katja - I love her tutorials and her helpfulness. I also reeeeally love her new lumberjack collection!

    6. Inka - I always look forward to reading her blog and to see what kind of project/creation she's working on.

    7. Diana - Wow! What incredible photography! I just checked out her blog and love all the inspiration there, too. Diana, you have a new follower ;)

    Leigh-Ann, thank you for giving us the opportunity each month to win some amazing things by fellow crafters/artists. I love that we all gain something in some way, whether it's the actual giveaway, or a new blog/shop to check out.

  2. WOW! that's a huge giveaway!!!

    here's my favorites:

    1. JILL - LOVED her new studio, wish i could get there sometime (soon? :)). love her magic vintage touch...

    2. ONJULI - LOVE her necklaces, my favorite is the baby fawn, it's adorable!!!

    3. JAMIE - I love lists, so we have something in common! love her hand-written journal, maybe i should start one to... :) oh! and the Sew What Shadow box on her Etsy shop is outstanding!

    4. JUDITH - I love felt, and her felt brooches are so cute! and RVA 2010 planner is amazing! I want one too!

    5. KATJA - well... i really have to learn how to crochet! her dog is lovely! I think i need to ask my mom to teach me, and I'll try her perfect mushroom tutorial... love the coffee to go as well. i really love coffee :)

    6. INKA - got to appreciate her for the bunjy jumping. i just couldn't.... went all the way up, and then back down (but not by jumping... LOL), scared to death....

    7. Diana - love her photographs prints! so vintage and charming... :)

    Thanks for this generous giveaway and the introduction to 2 new blogs I'm now following! :)


  3. 1. JILL - I love her vintage Oversided Foster Grant Sunglasses at her Etsy. It's look so adorable, and I wanna got that one for my collections :)

    2. Onjoli - wow I think she's a good cooker, i like the cake that she posting at her blog :D

    3. Jamie - I fall in love with her Pumpkin Patch Shabby Flower Necklace at her Etsy. It's so beautiful...I'm so jealous :)

    4. Judith - Black & white Girham Hairbow is my favorite one. That hairbow match with my new dress :)

    5. Katja - I love doll and Katja have a cute doggy doll. I love Timmy the dog!!! XD

    6. Inka - all her creations are very great, especially her Turquise Owl Earrings. I'll be waiting for her next creations :)

    7. Diana - she have a good skill at photography and I'm adore her photos at her blog :D

    It's my first time joining your giveaway and it's so fun. Thank you... XD


  4. 1. Jill- I spent half an hour this morning being envious of her cute little thrifted label maker. And I love boho trasure tray.
    2. Onjoli- I need her to reach me how to make that cute headband she is wearing for my halloween costume.
    3.Jamie- I absolutely love that she is fighting something like MS with such an upbeat outlook on life. Love all the positive wall hangings in her etsy shop. And her necklaces are like grown up friendship bracelets.
    4.Judith- the wooden basket she has in her shop reminds me of home & my Grandma. We use those when we pick berries for jam & pie. I enjoy reading her blog, we share a lot of the same interests. Esp that mickey/minnie shirt she bought at the flea market! Love.
    5.Katja- her tutorials are awesome. Granny Squares are in my top ten favorite things of all time.
    6.Inka- i love that she is having a birthday sale. thats amazing. and i bookmarked her for wedding garters.
    7. Diana- phone print is rad. my mom & dad still have an old rotary phone like that (for emergencys aka their cordless having a sucky battery). It was my Grandma's & it still has her typed number in it from the phone company. I would love to hang that print up in my house!

    that was kind of fun! Awesome giveaway!!!

  5. what an amazing giveaway!!!

    1) Jill - I love the Olive & Aqua Drip Vintage Mugs

    2) Onjoli - awwww I love her engagement post! Cant wait to see her new stuff in her etsy store.

    3) Jamie - what an inspiring story! I LOVE that owl hanging.

    4) Judith - the prints are awesome and so is all the vintage kitchen ware! I feel her on having a small apartment with no room!

    5) Katja - ahhh her headbands are adorable!

    6) Inka - I'm a sucker for a new pouch.

    7) Diana - you are my everything print is awesome. along with everyone else.

    not only do i have new etsy faves, but I have 7 new fun blogs to read! thanks freckled :)

  6. Terrific giveaway!

    1 - Jill - I adore the rainbow aluminum tumblers!

    2 - Onjoli - Your blog header is attractive and eyecatching - just like your blog! You have great style!

    3 - Jamie - I love your attitude! :) Your yoyo necklaces rock, too!

    4 - Judith - Your lazy days polaroid prints are beautiful!

    5 - Katja - Timmy the Dog wants a place in my house :)

    6 - Inka - Love the button treasure map bag!

    7 - Diana - Love the "You are my everything" print! Your shop is so dreamy.

    Leigh-Ann, I love the fact that you do this every month - it's great to have a peek into the minds of your sponsors, a sort of behind the scenes glance. Thanks again!

    - Katie

  7. Oooohhh...I have to hurry up and finish running errands this afternoon so I can make it back in time to see the show! :)
    Ps - just got my scarves yesterday...they are so lovely in person! Thank you! :)

    1. I so love her style...and reading her blog makes me smile everytime :)
    2. Wow! Just saw her here first...and I love her cute little blog. She seems like a great girl!
    3. Jamie is one of my internet (and real-life!) best buds! She is sooo great and I'm very proud of her! If you don't know her...go get to know her now!!
    4. Her photos and flower broaches are swoon-worthy! I'm in love!
    5. I love reading her blog as well...and her shop is so cute!
    6. So cute! I want a pair of her owl earrings SO bad! lol
    7. Her photographs are breathtaking! She definitely has a great eye!!

  8. 1. JILL- *so jealous of her DYMO* Ive been following her blog now for a little while and Im loving it! From her shop I love the aluminum tumblers and the mix and match mugs, I collect those! And I think her sunglasses giveaway are too rad!

    2. ONJOLI- I love her post on LOVE, the photos are adorable! Especially the kiss from MY GIRL. Love the movie! Wish I could visit her retail shop, it looks adorable.

    3. JAMIE- Just from reading some of her posts, I love her SOUL the most. She is truely inspiring with her honesty. Thank you jamie! I am now a follower! From her shop I adore the Sunshine YoYo necklace and her cute little embroidered banners.

    4. JUDITH- I am in love with her faux mini polaroid sets! Her etsy banner is way super cute. And I adore the RVA planner she made!

    5. KATJA- Her shop is adorable. i love her little birdie polaroid purse. And the coffee felt brooch. I think it awesome that she has a page of tutorials, Ive been wanting to make a recipe box!

    6. INKA- I think her giveaway is adorable. I love how simple and tiny all of her goodies are. And I think she did an amazing job revamping that closet :)

    7. DIANA- I absolutely adore her photography! I love the 'You are my everything' print, and the giveaway print! I added her etsy shop to my favs!


    peace and love
    Laura of VIOLET BELLA

  9. 1) I love Jill's photographs: they are so vintage and lovely.
    2)I love how she stores her sprinkles in her kitchen!
    3)Jamie is just all around awesome; I read her blog everyday.
    4)Her taste in dresses is so great. :)
    5) I can't wait to try her granny square tutorial and hopefully succeed.
    6)Her wedding dress is so pretty. :)
    7)Her vegan food almost make me wanna be a vegan...it looks so yummy.

  10. 1. JILL ---> I love her new shop! Adorable style!! Also, I want a pair of glasses from her shop!!

    2. ONJOLI ---> Aside from being local and the fact that I've been buying her stuff for a while now (without even knowing it was her)... I am in Love with her blog! Her honestly and openness make me super happy!

    3. JAMIE ---> Are you kidding me!! She's one of my very favorite blog friends! I can't go a day without reading her blog! She makes me giggle, and she is the sweetest most kind person out there! Her yo-yo necklaces are adorable (waiting for mines. hehe) And her new flower broaches are suuuper cute!

    4. JUDITH ---> A new blog & shop for me to check out... I really enjoy her photography (something I've been exploring personally). Also, I have this *thing for butterflies, so naturally I want the 'vintage glass tumbler' from her shop.

    5. KATJA ---> She is so adorable, as is her work. I want her lumberjack set like now! Ooh, and her headpieces... A-Stinkin-Dorable!

    6. INKA ---> This girl is super cute! I've always loved her store (especially her shopping list bag), but reading her blog today was new for me. Loved every word!

    7. DIANA ---> A totally new read for me! I was seduced right into her blog with the 'resemblance post' and kept on going. Her photography really is something special.

  11. Wow! I always love finding out about new blogs and artist so thank you for doing this once a month! I get very giddy when this is posted. Thanks Leigh Ann!!

    1.Lune Vintage: Wow! She has a great eye for vintage and I pretty much would love to live in her store!!

    2. Onjoli w/ Pink deville: This was the first time reading her blog and I feel in love immediatly with her can do attitude! I also love the diy kits. What a great idea!

    3. Jamie w/ Inspired Mess: I have been following Jamie for awhile on her blog and she has one of the biggest hearts!! I was lucky enough to recently win a flower pin from her blog party and I want to wear it everyday. Her blog is so inspiring!

    4. Judith: Her blog has some great eye candy. Her photography is amazing and I love that she sells both vintage pieces and her photography all while going to school!

    5. Katja: What a sweetie! This girl will help you with any crafting problem you may encounter. Her blog is full of adorable items she has created. There isn't a craft that this girl can't master.

    6. Inka: I loved discovering this blog and store today. I have got to own a pair of those owl earrings. ASAP! Going to be putting that on my favorite list on etsy!

    7. Diana: I opened her blog and immediatly wanted to become a follower. Her wedding pictures were amazing and the blog in general is just simply beautiful!

  12. 1. Lune - Magical Elephant Journey - Vintage Plaque
    2. pinke de ville – I love the Will work for craft supplies tote! So cute such a cute idea!
    3. inspired mess – Love the Woodland Shabby Flower necklace! The colors are awesome for fall
    4. 88mph – Love the vintage cowboy planters! Wicked cute
    5. I love her crocheted mushrooms! Sooo want to start my own ASAP!
    6. inka – love the little white owl earings in her shop!
    7. our city lights – love the set of 5 couch post cards.. I’m drawn to the fabric on the couch!

    Thanks for the fun giveaway! and for the inpiring daily read! :)

  13. 1. Love the things in her shop! Especially that green phone!

    2. I love her DIY kits. Very cute!

    3. I love reading her blog everyday! She is funny! Always brings a smile to my face. And her shop is so cute! I love the That's What She Said embroidery! I love the Office!!

    4. Her hair clips and brooches are sweet!

    5. Katja is so sweet! And she makes awesome things! She is very talented!

    6. I love her shopping list bag! Such a cute idea!

    7. Her photography is gorgeous! I love the Carnival ones!


  14. 1: I love pretty much every single thing in her shop. I've been a Lune reader for awhile now, and she always has great posts! I love her featured photos.

    2: I actually live in Arizona too! I saw Pink de Ville's booth at one of our First Friday art fests and was immediately drawn in by her beautiful aprons!

    3: Jamie seems like such a sweet, genuine person, who you can really identify with! I know the horrors of med bills. She makes great little crafts!

    4: Lots of great photo features in the blog! Which I think a blog really needs.

    5: Love Katja's crafts, and her tutorials! I frequent her blog. She's such a nice girl, too. I like that she replies to her readers :)

    6: Love the little owl earings!!!

    7: Love post about the resemblence of her wedding to Elvis & Priscilla :) Her prints give such a soft and feminine feel. So pretty!

    Oh boy, oh boy! This such an awesome giveaway.


  15. 1. Lune- I loved the simplicity of her blog and how everything (photos) are
    are warm and I love those olive mugs.

    2. Pinke de Ville- I love the name of the blog for starters but most of all
    I love the eye candy and there are some great kits!

    3. Inspired Mess- I love Jamie's blog its just so real and fun.

    4. Judith- I love her photography and she has such a great eye!

    5. Katja- I love her "coffee to go" brooch!

    6. Inka- I love the owl earrings....need those!

    7. Diana- Loved her blog and the wedding pictures were fantastic!

    This was such a great idea....you might want to add something like
    this in your next indie class. I has helped me a lot!!


    1. She really has an EYE for vintage lovelies! I mean, that's the reason she has her shop, but WOW is everything gorgeous! I love how a lot of her items are cool colors. Mmmm.

    2. Her DIY kits are soooooo cute! I love that she made a Día de Muertos one! As a spanish major, I really appreciate it!

    3. I need to learn to make yoyos too! Her autumn sky yoyo necklace would be CUTE as a headband too!

    4. oh wow her thermoses are AMAZING!!!

    5. I'm always a huge fan of her shop. I check it regularly! I love her coffee brooches and her headbands. Her knitted and felt goodies have my heart. :]

    6. I've had my eye on her shopping list bag for awhile now and what could be better than button creations. You know that better than anyone, LA. <3

    7. As a photographer myself, I REALLY appreciate her art. This is a new shop for me and I found a lot of things to drool over now. haha Actually I think the telephone print is my favorite! :]

    this was a wonderful little scavenger hunt! Can't WAIT for LA TV tonight!

  17. 1. I love love LOVE that Doe and Fawn plaque!
    2. I love the little "Will Work for Craft Supplies" bag, cos like, I totally would.
    3. I love Jamie's positivity and generosity and courage and sense of fun!
    4. That Black and White gigham bow would go perfectly with my outfit today.
    5. Her little fawn IPod case would be such a cute gift for Christmas, for me of course.
    6. I love the little pink button earrings!
    7. Its pretty hard to choose one thing really, all her photos are to die for.

    That was awesome, Thank you!

  18. 1. Love love the aqua and Olive mugs!!! :)

    2. I think the name of her blog and shop is such fun:)

    3. Strong lady, cute, and lovely handmade fabric necklaces!!!

    4. The felty brooches are my favorite, would look cute on a winter jacket:)

    5. everything is cute, I love Kawaii. The cake ring is sweet.

    6. The flower earrings are so pretty, I am starting to wear earrings again!

    7. Beautiful images. Oh so gorgeous.

  19. awesome giveaway! I knew some of this blogs from a to z! Now I have new things to look forward <3

    1-Jill: LOVE the cherry red vintage owl luggage, I’m so in love!
    2-Onjoli: LOVE: all of her aprons! They are so cute, plus her spool rings, best idea ever.
    3-Jamie: LOVE: sew what shadow box, perfect for my craft space!.
    4-Judith: LOVE: aqua plastic jar! Yums color!
    5-Katja: LOVE: cake ring please! :)
    6-Inka: LOVE: The turquoise owl earrings! Lovely!
    7-Diana: LOVE: aw the ice cream print :)

  20. i love these giveaways! i hope i win! : )

    1. i am in love with her blog... it is so fresh and beautiful... the kinda blog you need to look at 5 times a day just to soak it all in!

    2. kits. are. awesome. it makes that crafty project so accessible and easy to tackle...

    3. her new yoyo necklaces are so cute... i love the avacado one.. PERFECT for the fall/winter season.

    4. uh-mazing vintage finds.... for a thrift junkie like myself, an etsy shop like hers is a dream come true!

    5. a cute ipod case?? yes please! now i just need an ipod to fit it. haha

    6. i ADORE the buttons earrings.... so lovely, classic and simple. : )

    7. GREAT BLOG... i love a good blog. so many things to inspire me...

    Happy giveaway everyone! : )


  21. Studio Lune - Love the Polaroid Camera in your shop! The photos of it are great!

    Pink de Ville – I love this post http://pinkdeville.blogspot.com/2009/10/you-are-coffee-to-my-morning.html so much! Congrats on the engagement!

    Inspired Mess – I love the embroidered owl hanging in your shop! So so so cute!

    88 MPH - The eclectic mix in your shop is amazing! I also really dig your banner. This is my favorite thing: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=31488104

    Toast Kawaii – I love your headbands! Everyone needs a huge collection of big hair accessories.

    Inka – I love the little owl earrings! Everything in your shop is so reasonably priced too!

    Our City Lights – Our shop is http://nerdnest.etsy.com So it’s no surprise that http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=28503520 this is my favorite thing in your shop!

    LA – This is an amazing giveaway! I love the exposure you give to all of these inspiring artistis!

  22. 1. Jill is adorable and I'm in love with all the inspiring photos she posts on her blog.

    2. I adore Onjoli and I am a big fan of all of her crafts! I especially love her DIY Robots kit!

    3. Jamie is an incredibly inspiring person, and the little mobile that she created recently is beyond cute.

    4. I love the faux polaroid set entitled "Lazy Days" by Judith! So, so cute!

    5. I'm in love with the cutie crochet animals that Katja creates!

    6. I love the navy owl earrings featured in Inka's etsy shop! So cute!

    7. I LOVE the "You are my everything" card in Diana's etsy shop! It is something that I would give my boyfriend any day of the week! So sweet!

    I'm so excited for this giveaway!

    <3 Chelsea

  23. 1 - Jill.
    Atmosphere on her blog is just magical. Everything is so stylish!

    2 - Onjoli.
    I love the cakes she bakes. Photos are great.

    3 - Jamie.
    Pumpkin Patch flower necklace is just amazing!

    4 - Judith.
    It's the first time I've visited her blog but certainly not the last one! I've fallen in love with those felt flower brooches. And the planner is probably the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.

    5 - Katja.
    I'm a fan for a few months. Her posts always inspire me and if I hadn't found her tutorials now I would not be able to crochet at all.

    6 - Inka.
    Owl earings just stole my heart. So cute!

    7 - Diana.
    Wow! Those prints are amazing!

  24. 1. All the stuff with owls on it! Totally cute!

    2. Reading that she's engaged made my heart skip a beat. I'm getting married next week and she has such a wonderful adventure ahead and I'm so excited for everyone who's engaged. I'm feeling sappy :)

    3. AH! The that's what she said embroidery. I'm a huge Michael Scott/The Office fan!

    4. I just love her shop. The mix between hand made goodies and vintage treasures just steals my heart. Such pretty felt brooches!

    5. The lumberjack set made me giggle. It's soo cute! The green and pink beanie she knitted is super cute!

    6. Turquoise owl earrings. Could anything be more perfect? :)

    7. I have to have those library themed Christmas cards. Adorable!

  25. 1. I love Jill’s blog and the Polaroid camera and Vintage Folk Art Tonala Owl in her shop are just amazing!

    2. I found Onjoli (well she found me) through my photo swap and I am so excited so see her here – I love her blog too!

    3. Jamie’s vintage button broochs are beautiful!

    4. I love the faux Polaroid prints and Judith’s blog is just delightful!

    5. Oh I love the Timmy the Dog plushie and the Polaroid purse – what a great shop!

    6. The owl earrings are so cute!

    7. I love Diana and her work – her prints are all wonderful.

    Such an amazing giveaway, my poor blog reader is bursting now :)

  26. 1. Jill- your etsy shop is gorgeus, i saw SO many things i liked. I especially laid my eye on the Magical Elephant Journey Plaque <3

    2. Onjoli- your blog is A-mazing :D <3!

    3. Jamie- im sad to hear about your disease, but girl; you do magic with this. Love the necklace and the brooch, keep it up ;D!

    4. Judith- Ohh, how much i love polaroid photos and these are very gorgeus <3! Also the clip is adorable ;D!

    5. Katja- oh yeah. I have a matching scarf for that pattern :D! n' i love funny moustaches. I mean, who doesnt ^^?

    6. Inka- i defently love your shop, you are VERY talented <3!

    7. Diana- i love prints, and you are one heck of a photographer ;D!


  27. How exciting! I clicked over from Diana's blog and I'm glad I did. My favorites:

    1. I love the upcycled red Owl tote.
    2. The Dia de los Muertos DIY kit so cute!
    3. I was inspired by the idea of turning an illness into a creative opportunity.
    4. The felt brooches and barrettes are adorable.
    5. I want the Halloween headband- so cute!
    6. I love that this blog is filled with crafts, firends, and baking!
    7. Diana's pictures are amazing, as is her venture in veganism!

  28. 1. Loving the shop tour! The messenger bags on the wall, the fabric on the couch, the hanging panels...awesome job putting together an amazing little store!

    2. Congratulations on your engagement! :D I've found a new blog to put on my watch list.

    3. I think my favorites are the prize items, what fun!!!

    4. I went to the photography blog as well, love the style. The black & whites & outdoor pictures hit a soft spot.

    5. I've been following this blog & love it! The mushroom tutorial is sooo adorable. Also love the your taste in style! The pictures you post=LOVE. Great place to be inspired.

    6. Button earings! cute cute!

    7. I'm enjoying the dreamy feel of the blog, very dreamy. :)

    Thanks Leigh-Ann for this opportunity!


  29. 1. Studio Lune, Jill- besides being one of the indie goddesses she loves fall just like i do!
    2. Pink de ville, i don't even have to go the website (but i did) i adore her cupcake kits! they are amazing!
    3. Inspired mess- i love that Jamie says "for realz"
    4. 88 mph, Judith- obsessed with woodgrain! its addicting i agree
    5. Maedchen- her crocheted mushroom is so cute. i want a bunch on my desk. if only i had her crochet skills
    6. Inka congrats on her 400th post!
    7. Our City Lights, Diana. she makes me laugh that she has a whole post about how keds changed her life! her photography is amazing!

  30. This give away is amazing!!

    Here are mine:

    1. I really love the Vintage Realorama Slide Viewer, I collect viewmasters but those ones are even better!
    2. Her DIY kits are the greatest. I loved the robots but the Dia de los muertos kit is awesome too!
    3. I love her Braided Necklaces!
    4. I'm in love with Polaroids (like so many others) and her mini Faux polaroids are amazing!
    5. Her T-Shirts are the best!
    6. I like that she desided to wear boys jeans! I wear my boyfriends jeans all the time!
    7. Her tattoos are so pretty! Her pictures too.

    Thanks for showing all these great people, I have new blogs to follow! :)

  31. 1. So many good owls in her shop!

    2. Homemade pumpkins bread. It looks so yummy!

    3. This adorable shadow box (and the link to this!)

    4. Beautiful fall photos, and this great teapot.

    5. Excellent tutorials, especially this cupcake!

    6. Adorable earrings, featuring buttons and owls.

    7. Everything! But, especially her Priscilla-inspired wedding hair, and the way each blog post links to other, more-similar past ones.

  32. firs off, love your blog... been following you for about a month now and look forward to your posts!

    okay here goes

    1. love the pretty photos on her blog. and i am digging the olive and aqua drip vintage mugs and the vintage olive rotary phone!

    2. cute picture of fort on her blog.

    3. wow, MS.... so inspiring! the video on her blog of her son dancing to ice ice baby was GREAT!

    4. i am in love with the vintage wooden trivet, the bright orange vintage teapot and cups and the vintage creamer and sugar pair - SO cute!

    5. the cake on her sunday pretties post was amazing. and the crocheted mushrooms.... super

    6. okay, loving the white owl earrings in her shop!

    7. great photography, especially like the bridges of santa cruz print.

    thanks for chance to win such a great giveaway!


  33. Hello!!

    i love that she loves dymo!
    cause i do too!!

    2.pink de ville
    I love the "dia de los muertos" diy kit. because i celebrate it with my family, and it is a very fun day to celebrate.

    the braided necklaces she makes
    are amazing!!
    i wish i knew how to make them.

    the flower brooches are so cute!
    i'm sure they could spice up
    any outfit.

    she makes a lot of pretty things with felt.
    i think that is a very difficult thing to do
    and she is awesome at it!!
    i also like the headbands in her shop

    the earrings she makes
    are simple yet so pretty.
    the perfect combo!!

    all of her prints are so inspiring in a way!!
    so awesome


  34. 1. Jill - I also love thrift shops and find them to be like treasure chests .

    2. Onjoli - I like her puppy Lulu bear .

    3. Jamie - I really like the blog and the it will get better section of the blog to remind others that things do get better .

    4. Judith - I like the " oh rainy days " section of her blog where she picked out a cute wristlet from etsy and I also like her photography

    5. Katja - I like the " color me pretty " part of her blog and her shop .

    6. Inka - I like her muffins sections in her blog and her shop too .

    7.Diana - I liked the vintage wedding with that resembled Elvis' marriage to Priscilla in her blog .


  35. 1- I LOVE all the beautiful tones and colors of the photos in this blog! So lovely and inspirational!!!

    This photo is FANTASTIC! I love the couch and the speaker! :) http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2554/3967574919_34d674a226.jpg

    2. Once again, the photos! GOSH...how did I not have this favorited already?:)
    Where the Wild Things Are posts were my favorite...

    3. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=28881227 Cuuute!:)

    4. Uhhh...the Iron & Wine song that greeted me upon entry? :) of course!!!!
    So many lovely links and photos for me to go back and check out!
    and wowww... http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=32432780

    5. Oh geeze! How super adorable! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=30959978

    6.These owl earrings are cute as buttons! Oh wait...:)

    7. Cutest little blog...and i'm in love with this:

    Thanks for all the lovely!!!!:)

    Mary-Beth Luckyy_Duck@yahoo.com

  36. 1. Her blog design is so cute! And I love the vintage bags she has in her shop.

    2. I love the picture of the half-finished fort--I would totally live there.

    3. Her yo-yo necklaces are gorgeous!

    4. Those little flower brooches are adorable.

    5. I really like her iPod cases, especially the one with the fawn on it.

    6. Love the button earrings!

    7. Her photography is amazing! I love the carnival set and her card with the books on them.

  37. This was so fun going to all these sits/blogs!

    1. I am totally in love with all things vintage right now and this shop made me HAPPY! I want it all!

    2. I LOVE the photos on her blog. Totally inspirational!

    3. Vintage Button Brooch - What a perfect item for crafters! I may just be getting the blue one for my sister for Christmas.

    4. Judith is currently in love with wood grain. So am I.

    5. The Halloween headband is absolutely adorable!

    6. Owl earrings. Can it get any cuter?

    7. I love her photography and use of vintage items.


  38. Lune vintage; love her blog! & those shades are to die for (:

    Pink de ville; I like looking at her life photos hehe

    Inspired mess; ah, her cute yoyo necklaces!

    Createloveliness; oh, all the beautiful Polaroid’s on her blogs

    Maedchenmither; she has to be one of my favorite bloggers. Her crocheting skills are amazing, and her craft is just too cutee ^^

    InkaFinland; her owl earrings are so adorable!

    Our city lights; amazing photography! Very inspiring (:

    &to frecklednest, i love visiting your blog and seeing what to come! Thank you for all these great giveaways.


  39. Hello! I stumbled upon your blog through Google Reader. It was under suggested blogs and I am so so glad I checked yours out. I absolutely love it!

    1. Lune Vintage: I love her "blogging voice" because it makes me feel like she is talking to me as a friend. Those are my favorite blogs to read. I also love her photos.

    2. Pink de Ville: Not only is her puppy just about the cutest thing ever, but she makes forts! BEST BEST BEST. Her kits are quite adorable as well.

    3. Inspired Mess: I love the humor in her embroidery. Her brooches are to die for, too.

    4. Create Loveliness: Oh goodness, the colors in her photographs make me wish I could live inside them. (Especially this one: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_DLhuiWPPG7E/St4t859RlEI/AAAAAAAAA1w/sqf14LecoSA/s400/Picture+10.png) Not only that, but the lovely song that greeted me, one of my most favorite Iron and Wine songs ever.

    5. Maedchenmitherz: Her tutorial for that cute little mushroom. I loveloveloveee the recipe box, especially since it is woodgrain print. AND the polymer clay tutorial has totally inspired me to make some cute stitch markers for friends/christmas presents.

    6. Inka's blogforfriends: The plethora of pink caught my eye first. I love it! Her before and after organization photos have totally inspired me as well. I have definitely fallen head over heels for her owl earrings. I absolutely love anything owls and for $4, I could afford a pair in every color!

    7. our.city.lights: I definitely share her love for anything girly and vintage. Her prints are absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't pick just one!

  40. These are awesome shops! What an excellent giveaway. It was so hard to pick favorites...

    1. lune vintage: the mid-century radio alarm clock

    2. pink de ville: the plaid bow

    3. inspired mess: the you are awesome banner

    4. create loveliness: the lazy days mini faux polaroid prints

    5. maedchenmitherz: the i love music notecards

    6. inka: the shopping list bag

    7. diana: the scrabble nerd print

  41. Forgot to leave my email:

    npbradshaw at hotmail dot com

  42. 1. Jill always has the best vintage finds, plus she is just too adorable!

    2. I love her DIY kits that she will have in her shop and that panda necklace totally just caught my eye and i need it :)

    3. Jamie is so lovely and is always creating the cutest things. Plus her sons crack me up!

    4. Fun vintage finds and an amazing photographer. Plus I am a little jealous cause she is going to Brooks.

    5. super cute items and pretty pictures.

    6. I love her post about boys jeans. i love boys jeans! they are more comfy!

    7. cute posts and wondeful pictures.

  43. 1. adorable vintage luggage
    2. I like her photos .. when are you going to REALLY open your etsy-shop? (http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5712840)
    3. yoyo necklace rules!
    4. lovely photos of flowers
    5. original notecards and felt crafts
    6. I already have the "ring ring" photo from a previous giveaway (probability of winning again is NOT 0!!) ... and I love this new Library+Xmas !!

  44. Oops I mixed the order, "forgetting" Inka :-$ (sorry for the mess!!)

    6. cute earrings (the "green diamond" could be the perfect gift for my mum ... mmmmmm)
    7. I already have the "ring ring" photo from a previous giveaway (probability of winning again is NOT 0!!) ... and I love this new Library+Xmas !!


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