Melt my Heart

Singer Jenny Lewis is beautiful, folksy & effortless, alluring, facinating, talented and flawless! I think everyone falls in love with her as soon as we hear her calming old hollywood voice or see her endlessly beautiful wardrobe, pale gentle skin and beautiful red hair. She's simply wonderful! Last night I pulled an all-nighter and caught one of my favorite movies from childhood, The Wizard!
When I was a kid, I wanted 3 things from that movie: 1) a PowerGlove 2) Fred Savage 3) Jenny Lewis' wardrobe! And even as I watched it last night, I still adored her clothes and would almost wear it today, it's come full circle!
Fun Fact: Jenny Lewis has been in lots of movies including Pleasantville & Troop Beverly Hills! Here she is in Rilo Kiley a few years ago... and with the Watson Twins... My favorite song is Melt your Heart ...Free mp3 here (right corner)


  1. Thank you for a great introduction to Jenny Lewis! I recognize her, but had never really noticed her....until now :) xx

  2. i heart jenny lewis and rilo kiley :] have you listened to the watson twins' solo album (her backup singers)? it's sooooo great.


  3. um, yes, totally girl-crushing on jenny lewis! LOVE her!
    {actually, i have a LOT of girl-crushes... sometimes my hubby worries about it a bit - tee hee!}

    happy weekend :)

  4. love her! I actually got a ballon like in the first photo from that show...wish I took a picture :(

  5. Jenny is my ultimate girl crush! Love, love, love!!! Michelle, thanks for the Watson Twins tip...I'll have to check that one out. Thanks Leigh-Ann!

  6. Troop Beverly Hills is my fav movie!

  7. I love the glove. It's so bad.

  8. I loved The Wizard growing up too. I always wanted to try and beat Nintendo enough to go to one of those competitions and beat all the boys.
    The power glove rocked!! I didn't know until you just pointed it out that, that was her in the movie.
    Did you ever watch Teen Witch? That was also a favorite!
    ahh, memories. Thanks for the link to the free download to :) miss your face!

  9. well, i have to be honest... i don't like jenny lewis BUT THAT SAID : I FREEEEAKING LOVE THE WIZARD!!!!! esp. when they get to the tournament and the emcee says "15 THOUSAND SUH-MACK-A-ROOOOOOS"

    also, there's a brief young-tobey-maguire appearance in that movie where he checks out a girls chest, haha

  10. Have you seen Fox Fire with Jenny Lewis starring alongside Angelina Jolie? Crazy flick! She was a cutie in it!


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