Doodle dee, doodle dum

(i disagree with the above but i love the fonts and tones) Right after I post this, we're heading out to the cabin for the weekend and I! AM! EXCITED!!! It's our last time out this year, everyones going to be there, great food as always, we're celebrating Daddio's birthday and I am bringing lots of crafts along, including my journal :) Early next week, I will post the Mid-Month Sponsor Feature & Giveaway... plus, Tuesday at 7pm = my first LA-TV episode :] See you next week! Love you sooo much :) Note: Tomorrow's Workshop at Aquabooks has been rescheduled to Saturday, November 14th. Registration required, please email [all outside photo sources found by clicking photo] PS. What movie do you wanna be in? Me:


  1. I love love love Image and text Art!!! Wish I could meet you one day!!!!

  2. i <3 goonies too!

    have a lovely weekend... enjoy every moment!


  3. Oh man. I think I can recite that whole movie without even watching. It's one of my favorites!

    What movie would I be in?

    Stranger Than Ficton. Marie Antionette (for clothes and dessert purposes only!). Dan in Real Life. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind. A Little Princess. Twilight (/nerd, I know, but living for eternity with the one that I love the most is too good not mention).

    Have a good weekend and pet a moose for me, ok?



  4. OMG THE GOONIES is my fav movie OF ALL THE TIME!
    i also have a tattoo about them, is an anchor with this quote: DOWN HERE IS OUR TIME.
    I'm planning to do another one ;)
    they're lifestyle for me!

  5. i love the hand written typography in all of these images!

  6. i love all those!
    have fun on your cabin trip, girl.

  7. have a great weekend! I love Goonies its coming on next week i already have it scheduled to record!

  8. all of those doodles are so adorable! i love hand-drawn type so much.
    i think it would be fun to be in something like marie antoinette, almost famous, or one of the harry potters.

  9. Love. Love. Love. Every picture and text and color! And you!!! Let's make our own Goonies adventure. How fun would that be??? One of the best movies of all time. Fo sho.
    Hope you have a wonderful time! I got your square today!! Thanks so much!!! xoxo

  10. The images are delightful! Have a great weekend at the cabin :)

  11. oh wow! Imagine my surprise when I seen my print "the way you think" amongst all these other suuper cute images. :) Stopped by for a visit, and am leaving really happy! Thanks a bunch, hope you enjoy your time at the cabin, sounds like fun!

    btw- for some reason the link didnt get attached. In case anyone is curious you can see the print here:

    have a great rest of the weekend!

  12. OH my goodness I want to be in whip it cause i want to be a roller durby girl!!!!!!

  13. Waving!

    If you would like to promote your handmade goodies, check out my new idea!

  14. the goooooonies!!!!!! :] have fun at the cabin dear...and i can't wait for LA-TV on tuesday! :] hooray!


  15. Those images/quotes are so pretty! I think the butterfly one is my favorite.

  16. Goonies is my all time favorite movie! I use to live in a neighborhood as a child where we had a pathway that led to a lake and the forest. My friends and I use to pretend like we were in that movie! It was so silly but fun! Oh...good memories!


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