September Sponsors & 6 Giveaways!

Every month, Freckled Nest promotes a great collection of shops, blogs and artists in the right sidebar. This month, I've invited my sponsors to share about one of their favorite recent craft projects. Each sponsor has also contributed something special & cool to our big giveaway!! Yeeeee! * How to Enter: Visit each sponsors shop or blog and discover something you like about them, their craft or a product you love and write it here in the comments of this post. To make it a little easier, I put a number beside each sponsors blog&shop link so you can list your compliments a little easier :) In a few days, I will randomly draw one winner who will receive ALL 6 GIVEAWAYS, each arriving in the mail, one by one :) Giveaway is open to everyone! 1. blog & shop
"i love to try new crafty ideas, and i have grown really fond of embroidery these past few months after discovering so many wonderful & inspiring images online on various blogs and flickr. embroidery is such a relaxing craft, and i love how quickly a project can be finished! i bought some embroidery hoops at a local thrift store and decided to complete a few pieces for fun that would hang together on the same wall, and this is one of them. i love to use buttons in many of my art & crafts projects, and made sure to pick out the prettiest coloured ones for this piece :)" - Corinne
(8x6" acrylic painting on canvas & a handmade knit flower brooch)
2. blog & shop "Bubble gum has always been something that has reminded me of childhood. You know when you try and blow the biggest bubble ever and you end up getting it all over your face? That is my favourite! So I found this lovely stand up Bubble Gum machine at my local thrift store. There were actually 4 but I could only physically get 1 in my car that day. I took it home and scrubbed it down, and cleaned off and much goo and rust as I could the covered it in Robins Egg blue paint! For the inside I chose some Blue, Teal and Green yarn in which I rolled into various sized balls. I opened the change drawer and used that to hold all of my needles and some fun fabric. All in all, one of my favourite DIY's this last month!" - Kyla (Kyla's premiere print, "We All Develop From Negatives" painting, 2 orange felted cameras & some extra orange surprise goodies!) janel 3. blog & shop "My latest project has been creating my 2010 Planner from the kit I got at RVA. It is soooo cute and personal and perfect for someone who is super picky about their planners (like me :D)." - Janel
(2 pincushion rings & Elephant Painting)
4. blog & shop "I bought myself a gocco some time ago and I discovered that I love printing t-shirts. The latest project I made is a new "fashion line" called "i knit." shirts and tanks with a cute ball of wool on them and 'i knit.' as a quote. I made these because I am learning how to knit & it's really fun and I love to show everyone what I do. Being someone who knits doesn't make me uncool, right?! :D So I want everyone to see. PS. Right now, there are only Shirts in M listed, but I can print every size of a shirt! :)" - Katja giveaway_fn (panda toy, 'you are one in a million' postcard, crocheted headband, a bow brooch, 'it's a polaroid world' digital painting print)
5. "Funky Finds is dedicated to promoting independent artists, crafters and designers worldwide. Our far-reaching network provides artisans with little to no budget the means to promote their work to a large audience. Each week we feature a new giveaway sponsored by an independent business owner. Readers have the opportunity to win everything from cupcakes to earrings to custom postage stamps. The Funky News is our monthly newsletter that features designer calls, event announcements, Funky Finds news, and special offers & discounts exclusively for Funky Finds readers. Also, we recently announced that we will be hosting the 2nd Annual Funky Finds Spring Fling, an indie art & craft fair, on March 13, 2010, in Fort Worth, Texas! They once were funky lost, but now they are funky found!" - Jessica 934-1 (Funky Finds tote bag) Doily Scarf 6. blog & shop "One thing I have made lately that I just love is my doily scarf. I got the idea from the online Red Velvet Art class I took back in spring, and I have been collecting doilies from thrift stores and craft stores ever since. The original idea from the class was to make a throw or pillow out of recycled doilies, but I decide I would rather make them into a scarf instead. One and a half loops of embroidery thread, eighteen doilies, and four episodes of Buffy later, I have a sweet scarf that likes to collect compliments." - Jaime Raspberry Yummy Coffee Sleeve 2 (merry morning coffee sleeve) If you'd like to be a sponsor in October, please email to reserve your spot :) Good luck everyone and a huge thank you to my sponsors & supporters & readers!!! I love you all :) Hugs, Leigh-Ann


  1. 1. First of all I love her sidename, I used to hate mondays, but lately I'm so much looking forward for every new monday, excited what the new week will bring. second I love her paintings, they are amazing. The colors, the way she writes and draws.
    2. I love bubblegums :) and the amazing weddingcouple under the tree, that's so cool
    3. The elephant is beyound cute =)
    4 This one is hard, I can't choose one piece, I love every single one.
    5. I like the idea of the whole thing a lot.
    6. The scrapbooking kit is stunning :)

  2. First, Thanks for a chance at a Great Giveaway! Wow These Gals have so much talent!!!

    1.Another Cute Funky Chick, really like her acrylic paintings!
    2.I love how she incorporates my favorite thing, Buttons into her art!
    3.My kind of gal, have camera, will travel!
    4. I love her background coming from a crafting grandmother!
    5. What don't I like about Funky Finds????
    6. I like how she is takes something old and give it a new life!

  3. 1. Corinne is so cute! I love her autumn paintings the teal and chocolate ones); they are so pretty.
    2. I am loving the wedding cake topper she created and the pirate themed bachelorette party she threw for her pal. You rock Kyla!
    3. Haha, I can't pick one thing that I like about Janel. I am addicted to her blog. :) Well, I guess I am a tad excited about her quilt giveaway. (Pssh, more like hoping and wishing like hell that I will win.) :)
    4. Awesome blog! Now I'm a follower! Lol. Her IPhone cake was just too cute. Kinda sad that she lives all the way over in Germany...
    5. Funky Finds...not much to say. Always great; love finding new blogies there.
    6. I love her Creative Heros post that she does and her doily scraf is so fab.

    Thank Leigh Ann for another great month of sponsors! :)

  4. 1. Corinne is so adorable! I love her paintings, and we have so much in common! Thanks for introducing me to her cutecute blog, now I love Mondays! :]

    2. Okay, seriously. One word. Tic-Tac-Sew. Holy crap. Amaaaaaaaazing!

    3. Janel is one of my most favorite girldolls ever! That little elephant painting of her's is just the cutest, and I absolutely adore reading about her latest adventures!

    4. Wait a minute.....I just put her in my last treasury!! Haha nifty coincidence :] I love love love pretty much everything in her shop, especially her lovely headbands.

    5. Funky Finds has my heart. Everything about them is just brilliant!

    6. Jaime is adorable! AND she made a vampire stake with a heart. This makes her instantly cool.

    Thanks for doing another fabulous giveaway and introducing me to some new amazing talent!

  5. I just wrote a whole post and it was deleted :(

    1. Her paintings are just beautiful! I love the blues and browns in the one set!

    2. The key lime cupcake paintings was to die for! :)That needs to be hanging in my room!

    3. She's an embroidery hero! I'm just starting out and hope to be as good as she is! Beautiful work.

    4. Her autumn head band is to die for. I may buy it today!!

    5. Funky finds is just plain wonderful. What a wonderful assortment of beautiful and inspiring things.

    6. I want that good morning coffee sleeve with the doily. Oh so cute!!

    Thanks for this post Leigh Ann! I found some beautiful new blogs and shops to check out in the process. xoxo


  6. 1- i love that she love the gilmore girls :P

    2- her eyepatch !!

    3- the pin cushion ring, adorable and practical

    4- the cloudy day headband ! ( and i will definetly keep reading her blog )

    5- the concept behind it is brillant !

    6- that she make a post on mermaids ! :)

    wow such a good bunch of crafters !


  7. 1. I Love Mondays too! I especially like that knitted flower brooch and her blog design is to die for!

    2. One Late Night, Love the bubble gum machine and those little knitted owls in her shop are adorable!

    3. Run With Scissors, I love that whale so much!

    4. Toast Kawaii, I love Timmy the dog!

    5. Funky Finds, what a great network for artists and crafters! Love that tote bag too!

    9. Sparkles and Sticks, That Merry Morning Coffee Sleeve would fit around my Pumpkin Spice
    Latte Grande perfectly!

    Thanks Leigh-Ann!


  8. I just did this and it got erased! :( My bad! Take 2!

    1. Love all her paintings! Love the set she did. Her blog is super cute!
    2. Her Hello Jello bag is fun!
    3. I've seen her blog before...cute cute! Her little elephant is cute too!
    4.The I knit shirts a really fun...even though I don't Mom always tried to teach me and I never got into I live too far away! :(
    5.Well that's a fun little place to go!
    6.Ooo I just found her the other day! I love her scrapbook kits! I'm more of a girl who just adds fun stuff to my journal and her stuff would be super cute for that!

  9. 1. I'm realllly loving her paintings as of late...they definitely are inspiring me to pick up the brush again! :)

    2. Um, I think that eye-patch tells me everything I need to know! haha

    3. I've always loved Janel's work...she's a super sweetie and inspires me constantly!

    4. Gasp! at her shop - I think I'm in love!

    5. I love that there's someone out there promoting the independents...we definitely need more people doing this!

    6. I am loving these scrapbook album kits in her shop!!


  10. 1. I HEART MONDAYS NOW! =] her paintings are the cutest thing! They are so defined and i really appreciate the geometrical aspect of her paintings. Her blog is also incredibly adorable!

    2. My jaw dropped when i say the tic tac sew item! oh my goodness sooo awesome!

    3. I have been following her for a while now and i cant get my eyes off of the elephant painting! i love cartoon animals! and that one is so adorable.

    4. WHAT DONT I LOVE! i want everything! her headbands are the cutest thing! I am obsessed with plush dolls and hers are breathtaking. Her talent is amazing. The items dont look handmade at all! =]

    5. So inspiring! Gives me great ideas to make projects! She has such an eye for great finds!

    6. When i look at her shop i get a modern twist to vintage! I am in love with anything with lace and buttons! HERE YOU GOT IT! =] The idea of incorporating keys into her work is brilliant!

    This was so inspiring! Thanks you Leigh-Ann and all the sponsors!

    Chloe Zee

  11. 1- Great reason to love Mondays! There was nothing in the store :(

    2- great gumball display
    sorry to read about your doggie :(
    love the pirate-y goodness
    great messenger bags! the woodland woodgrain
    is my favorite

    3-I love the saying running with scissors! Love your quilt square project and your pictures of you and your dog at dogswim. What a cool idea!

    4- I am still learning to knit after three winters! Love the colors of yarn you purchased. Love the orange birdie iphone case!

    5- I think it's great when people help out independent artist :) Love your give-aways!

    6- I like your creative hero posts. I <3 Tim too. Your doily scarf IS awesome. The Key to My Heart notebook is super-cute.

  12. 1. o.m.g. her paintings are SO freakin COOL! I've honestly never seen paintings like that! At first, I thought they were paper pieced because the lines were so straight! so so awesome!

    2. I've been to this etsy shop before! I actually have her bitty buttons plaque already favorited. haha

    3. Annnnnd I've loved this girl's new fall painting ever since she made it! Her paintings are adorable and her planner kit inspired me when I was working on mine as well.

    4. HOLY WOW! I think i desperately need one of her coffee brooches! <3333 to the MAX!

    5. Oh wow! this iis such a neat idea! I think there need to be more shops out there promoting independent art! Bravo!

    6. i.... am in love with all her coffee sleeves! The one with the doily is probably my favorite but they are all so cute. <3 Mmmmm

    these shops are perfect! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Weeee! Whoever wins this is one lucky person! :)

    1) Love her blog (ok, she had me at "Gilmore Girls!) when I tried going into her shop it wouldn't let me ?
    2) love the camera plushie & Tic Tac Toe!
    3) the "sweet whale" is perfect for my nautical-themed house! :)
    4) I <3 those Music Screenprinted notecards!
    5) LOVE anything resembling odds n ends paper & found "Kitsch Cafe Vintage" on their website!
    6) Her green inspiration notebook is very pretty :)
    Yay, love these giveaways, they are so great to see all the new sponsors !!
    Sarah M

  14. 1. Corinne has an adorable blog..I love her embroidery and the autumn looking painting she posted on her blog. I can tell she's got a great sense of style!
    2. I'm in love with Kyla's messenger totes..especially the Hello Jello one!
    3. I'm already a follower of Janel and read her blog all the time. She has wonderful inspiration! I love what she just did with her RVA autumn kit.
    4.Oh my!! Her shop is amazing...and so is her blog! I think my favorite piece was her coffee to go brooch! I need one! :)~
    5. Funky Finds is just awesome!!
    6. I adore her little scrapbook kits! She's a cutie and so creative.

    Thank you for this opportunity, Leigh-Ann! :-)

  15. <3 EVERYTHING!

    1. corrine.. you had me at hello! i'm sooo happy you started a blog.. and your shop is sooo cute! love the brooches AND paintings!

    2. kyla... tic tac sewwwww adorable!!! :D just found your shop and i likey!! like a LOT! and the little owls... my 4 yr old is in love!

    3. janel... oh janel... i can't put my ring down! you've turned into a quilting machine! i envy all the projects you 'finish!' you're too inspiring my love! xo5

    4. katja... the panda, i must have you!!! the shirts, the cameras... love! you are too cute!

    5. funky finds... HOW AWESOME! i've never been here before but know that i'll be frequenting LOTS! as i start my own business... theHotPinkFlamingo!!!! <3 <3

    6. jaime... i've loved taking the rva classes with you! and you're doily projects... lovely! can't wait to see what you come up with next :D

    and of course LA! i love you and your blog and your class! and your friendship! thank you!!!
    ps. your new pic = melts my heart! xoxoxoxoxo!

  16. Hannah Schlosstein9/20/2009 02:28:00 pm

    Hello! Let's get right down to business...
    1. I love when bloggers feel comfortable enough to introduce total strangers into their lives and the post about Corinne's fair escapades looked so fun, I wanted to join!

    2. Obviously the camera plushies and the tic-tac sew stacks are adorable but I have my eye on the speech-bubble felted creations for my bedroom now.

    3. All of the amazing one-of-a-kind journals make me uber inspired to scribble down my frazzled thoughts and look so stylish doing so. I doesn't hurt that she is in love with Jim from the Office either!

    4. Katja seems to love all mini-dresses equally as much as me...I bet she would sympathize with how much of a blow it takes to my wallet too. We are also in equal agreement about the polaroid obsession to boot!

    5. The entire site is dedicated to giving the talented, otherwise not exposed to the mass public, artisan a break in a big way..which is a stellar concept. I only hope that when I finally muster enough money/time/confidence to start my own shop I will be featured on Funky Finds.

    6. I would kill to own a doily-clad binder from her shop, such a grandma-chic idea. Plus Jaime prompted me to watch Tom Hanks' 'You've Got Mail' (I had forgotten how much I lurve it).

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway possibilities, and keep on typing away, I love your blog!

  17. 1. I looove her collection of paintings with the "It's True, I'd Do Anything for You" and the clouds with buttons paintings! I also love how her blog is called "i heart mondays". It makes Mondays seem not so bad ;)

    2. Tic Tac Sew set. 'Nuff said.

    3. I love Janel's blog and read it every day! She always has very inspiring things on her blog. Her quilt project seems so amazing and I cannot wait to see the finished product!

    4. Katja is another crafty girl who's blog I look forward to every day. I love how her creativity has grown in less than a year (I believe). She is so friendly and inspiring! I like that she dabbles into several different crafts and art.

    5. Umm..that "She's Got Legs" tote is freakin' ADORABLE! I think I need it. And the coffee cuffs!? Oh my... That's awesome how it's one website where many different independent artists can list their creations.

    6. Again, someone with a coffee sleeve. I've been obsessed with coffee sleeves lately and I LOVE her knitted version. This purple one is so autumn-y and cozy :)

    Thank you Leigh-Ann for the chance to win some incredibly inspiring pieces of work!

  18. 1. Her paintings have really lovely color schemes and I love the knitted brooches. I really love the picture of the 2 pigs sleeping.

    2. The wedding cake topper is amazing and I love the secret agent man bag, but she had me with the eye patch. I hope things work out for Jersey, it makes my heart ache to thing of someone's furry friend suffering.

    3. Love Oliver the Octopus painting and the pics of Catalina at the swimming pool. Catalina in her purple hoodie may in fact, be the cutest thing ever.

    4. The plush dog and I Knit shirt are possibly in my purchasing future, and the fawn ipod case just reminds me of how much I need an ipod.

    5. There are so many swell things on here, but I'm particularly fond of the El Burrito shirt.

    6. I stumbled on her blog a few days ago and thought it might be love when I saw her creative hero post on Joss Whedon, but I knew I was smitten when I saw the plushie slayer stake.

    LA- I just discovered your site a few days ago and I have been tearing through it like crazy. I think you're fabulous, inspiring and super cute.


  19. 1. I love her knitted flower broaches, and her font like handwriting!

    2. I'm in love with the Woodland Woodgrain messenger bag in her etsy shop! It is exactly what I've been looking for to carry all my things around at school! I'm crazy about anything woodgrain. The embroidery she did is beautiful!

    3. The 2010 RVA Autumn kit planner is amazing and I love that she is making hers and sharing it with the world. The self-portrait of her in the bear hat is super cute!

    4. This girl has got some serious knitting talent! I lovvve her knitted creatures, and the felt coffee cups featured on her etsy! So cute!

    5. I think Funky Finds is an amazing resource for independent artists/crafters and the people who want to find such cute things, like the stuff they feature on their site, but just don't know where to look. Crafters/craft lovers unite!

    6. I am a huge fan of reusable coffee sleeves (I carry one that I crocheted in my bag at all times), and when I saw Jamie's coffee sleeves I was in awe. I'm so glad other people love the idea of cute, reusable coffee sleeves as well! So green and chic!

    This giveaway is so neat and I'm so excited to be entered in it! Any person would be super lucky to receive any one of these amazing crafts!

  20. Awesome sponsors, LA!!! It was so fun reading thru their blogs and looking thru their shops!!!
    1. Corinne is soooo sweet and talented! Can't wait to see her etsy update and sooo glad she started her blog!
    2. That gumball machine with yarn balls is just freakin' awesome!!! Looove! The big eyed baby owls are definitely a must buy for me and her tic-tac-sew pieces are amazing! Um, and her blog....all that piratey goodness has my heart. 'nuff said. =)
    3. Oh, my sweet Janel. I just love her. She's soooo creative. She inspires me every day. There's no way in the world that I could pick one fave of hers. I love everything she creates. She does anything she sets her mind you can see by her mad quilting skillz.
    4. Loove her "I knit" shirts! It's still on my 'to learn' list but I would totally buy one. I will even admit that as I looked at this, I actually thought "I didn't know you could use the gocco on clothes". But I guess that makes sense since you can use it on fabric. HA! Don't mind me. =)
    5. Very cool. I love the concept and support of indie artists and crafters. I never realized what they were! I will definitely need to check them out more. And I love their tag line...They once were funky lost. But now they are funky found.
    6. 1st, I loooove the doily scarf! Love her creative heroes features on her blog. And I love the pick-a-mix accessories. Very cute idea and lovely goodies!

    Awesome giveaways, lovelies!!!!

  21. 1. I love her paintings and her brooches! I can't wait to see her etsy update! I already favorited her!

    2. Kyla was the first person to post a comment on one of my pictures on flickr! Her yarn bubble gum machine inspired me to crochet gumballs for mine!

    3. Janel is awesome! Very sweet! I read her blog everyday! I am pretty excited about her quilt she is making! I can't wait to see it finished!

    4. I love her coffee to go brooches! I was thinking about them earlier today and how I wanted one! haha! That panda is cuuute!

    5. I haven't heard of Funky Finds before! I'm glad I have now! Thanks!

    6. I love the color of the coffee sleeve! And I like that she used 2 different kinds of yarn! Lovely!

    This is a great giveaway! I'm crossing my fingers! <3

  22. Hi, I'd love to post this up on but I didn't find an exact end date. If you'd like, please submit your giveaway so we can get it posted for ya:)
    Please don't count this as my entry.
    hmgiveaways at gmail dot com

  23. 1. OMG, her paintings are STUNNING! I especially love these:

    2. Her little camera felt plushies are to die for, I have a photographer bestie that would just love 'em!!

    3. I absolutely LOVE reading her blog everyday, and her RVA journal rocks! I just got mine in the mail, can't wait to get started on it!!

    4. Holy crap, her Halloween headband is to die for!! And so is her Coffee to Go brooch, love love LOVE the Lumberjack necklace (who DOESN'T love a good mustache?), the Heavenly Cute Elsie would say, HOLY CUTE!!

    5. Ah jeez, what can I NOT say about Funky Finds?! They seriously rock!! I love their weekly giveaways!!

    6. I'm so proud to have Jaime's button on my blog, she's amazing! I love keeping up with her blog and her shop is super cute! My favorites would be her cup cozies and scrapbook kits :)

    LA, this is an amazing giveaway and I'm SO hoping to win! Thanks for doing this and for allowing me to partipate!!


  24. What a great giveaway, thank you all.

    1) I love her brooches and painting oh so cute.

    2) I love her camera felt plushies and big eyed baby owls. : ) And I so love the gum ball machine and yarn gum balls..swwweeeet!

    3) OMG, have seen Janel's whale painting? Beautiful.

    4) Toast Kawaii--love the ipod cases, so adorable.

    5) I have never heard of Funky Finds but how awesome is this site!

    6) I loved the plushies and kits from Sparkles and Sticks.

    Oh, I am keeping my fingers crossed all the goodies are great!


  25. 1) I love her paintings and her style. And, we have the same taste in TV!

    2)I want all of the felt plushies in her shop for my daughter! (Ok, they are sorta for me ;))

    3) The pin cushion rings are awesome and will make great Christmas presents for my crafty friends.

    4)I adore the coffee to go brooch and her love of mini dresses--so cute!

    5) Funky Finds--this site is awesome and I love giveaways. I will be visiting often.

    6) I am loving the scrapbook album kits and the monster plushies (of course)

    Thanks for the chance to enter such a great giveaway and for introducing me to some cool people and sites!

  26. 1. Yay for repurposed plastic lid paint pallets!
    2. That crafted recipe book she sent you... LOVE! (her messenger bags are brilliant too!)
    3. The blog quilt project. A-MA-Zing!
    4. The name of her blog!
    5. Great concept there.
    6. umm... stayer stick anyone? Yes, please!

  27. 1.She makes awesom brooches.
    2.I love her etsy shop. Too many goodies to choose from and her blog is so inspiring.
    3.Love reading her blog everyday. I love her quilt idea.
    4.I love her posts and her cute kawaii items in her shop.
    5.I just love how they feature independant artists and promote their work.
    6. I love her key brooches!

  28. 1. I was really sold on her blog when I saw the Labyrinth clip. I love that movie!

    2. I'm loving all the upcycled bags in her shop.

    3. All of the pictures she posts are so inspiring. And pincushion rings? So clever!

    4. I adore the "I knit" t-shirts. I must own one!

    5. What an awesome resource. Plus, who doesn't love weekly giveaways?

    6. The key to my heart notebook is just too cute. I love buttons!

  29. Thank you for a great give away!!! <3

    1. I love the Blackbird Singing painting, the fact that the wood grain is actually writting...really nice idea.

    2. Tic Tac Sew!!! Especially the Bubblelicious flavor... i mean color ;)

    3. The pin cushion ring is something I'd come across earlier & have been admiring it for some time now!!!

    4. Timmy the dog, awwww. The cute felt hairclip; I'm all over oversized cute things to clip in my hair lately. The yellow striped little purse with the bow!! Love that so much!!

    5. I'm not sure how to find just one thing here... what a gallery of fun & exploration. Definately like that it helps me come across things that I wouldn't have found on my own.

    6. The yummy coffee sleeve, what an excellent co-worker gift! & excellent gift to give to one's self of course too. ;) Also the brown inspiration book, great thought! Love the variety of things that are already included in it, to help expand horizons. :D


  30. Yay for giveaways!

    1. All those brooches are gorgeous. And I was very excited to see a video from the awesome movie Labyrinth on her blog.
    2. I loved those word bubbles and that cute cupcake!
    3. Whale painting=adorable.
    4. I am completely in love with those flower headbands!
    5. All the shops they have links to see wonderful. I really liked all the graphic artsy t-shirts from Ex-Boyfriend.
    6. That Key to My Heart notebook is going on my wish list!

  31. 1. These brooches are so pretty. Her blog is also Charming!

    2. I am totally in love with the cupcake painting SO pretty against the stained wood!!! SWOON

    3. Pin cushion rings are so on my next pay check things to buy

    4. Love halloween headband SO pretty and different.

    5. This Site is such a great IDEA! OMG

    6. I love the coffee cozy and the headband AND the use of buttons! So sweet

  32. Firstly, this is the most awesome give-away that I have ever seen!

    1. I love that she loves 'Gilmore Girls' as much as I do, and her latest paintings are SO inspiring!

    2. I LOVE her Tic, Tac, Sew Games they are awesome, and I also really like her little felt camera plushies, so cute!!

    3. OMG! Her pin-cushion rings are just to die for!!

    4. I love, love, love her 'I knit' printed t-shirts .. in fact I think I may just have to buy myself one very soon!

    5. I really like how they are helping to support and spread the news of independent artists/creative people. I will definately be stopping by this site a lot more!

    6. I love the fact that she loves Vampires, hehe! And I also really really like her crocheted headbands, they're adorable!

  33. This giveaway is uber rad! I hope I'm not too late...

    1 I really love the way I Heart Monday’s broaches look on the scarves in the model photos. I’d love a tutorial on how to fold scarves like that… I can never get mine to look bandana-ish.

    2 I LOVE the “Tic Tac Sew “ item in the shop. I love that it’s a game and a great décor piece. Plus… how cleaver is it to use bobbins as “o”s. I really like the faux bois on the “x”s from the Blueberry Pie Tic Tac Sew.

    3 Janel, I love your autumn journal! Your Elsie-inspired girls are SO CUTE! P.S. Those pincushion rings are cool! They look so professional!

    4 The knitted bow tutorial is awesome! I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit, maybe this is a good place to start! I also really like the gameboy ipod pouches.

    5 What a great resource! I love how easy to navigate this site is. Plus, who can resist weekly giveaways?

    6 I love how everything in this shop has a soft sort of a feeling. My favorite thing is the Good Morning Coffee Sleeve.

  34. makes me smile to read all the sweet comments about Funky Finds! Jess


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