A live Freckled Nest Broadcast tomorrow!

I'm having a little party to celebrate my 1000th post! What: Live Video Broadcast & Chat (thru Ustream here) *You do not need an account to participate When: Tomorrow afternoon, Fri, Sept 25 @ 4pm CST (Tell your friends, feel free to link about it on your blog) Craft Tutorials, lots of giveaways, silly random stories and Q&A :] Giveaways: Bag of Vintage Buttons, 1 Month Advertising on FN, a Photobooth Album, Custom Widget and a pretty Vintage Scarf :] Questions: If you have questions (any kind) for me to answer live, please write them here in the comments (or you can wait and type them to me during the live chat). Enter to Win: Enter your name and a link to your favorite Freckled Nest blog post (or if you're new here, share how you found us) . You will be entered into all the giveaway draws but can only win one prize; everyone can enter :) Can't make it? If you can't make it, you can watch the recorded video afterwards :) See you there, expect lots of giggling :] New post below...


  1. This is my favorite post you have ever had...


    I want a gumball machine just for this!

  2. It's really hard to choose! I like any 'favorites' post from here...my favorite of those as of late is:



  3. this is so cool! i'll be tuning in!
    i love your blog, i hope you don't mind me linking you.

  4. So many favorite posts...only one comment to leave...~sigh~ I'll pick this one:
    because last night I did something similar on a mini-book cover and it turned out SOOOOO cool. Thanks for the inspiration Leigh-Ann! Looking forward to your chat tomorrow!

  5. my name's lydia. :)
    and i have such a hard time choosing between two posts.
    they are both my favorite!
    #1: http://frecklednest.blogspot.com/2009/07/judy-sent-me-this.html#comments
    - i loved this one because i had just watched the wedding video a few minutes before i checked your blog, and i cried so many happy tears! and then, i read your post, and i was like, "she's like meeee!" haha. (and then i cried happy tears over WOF. :)

    #2: http://frecklednest.blogspot.com/2009/06/leigh-ann-stop-shreaking.html#comments
    -i laughed so much when i saw this, and if i'm not mistaken, it was the first post of yours i ever saw. and i just couldn't believe how adorable and sweet you were.

    love your blog! and congratulations on 1000 posts.

  6. I'm Sherry!

    Choosing one favorite post from this blog is almost impossible! But...I choose this one:

    I like it because it is the first time I got to hear and see you in a video...you were so cute with your parrot story!

  7. Hey Leigh Ann!
    You are totally awesome.. like all the other posts i had a hard time picking just one post! They are all beautiful.
    Strawberry Day really stood out to me.. not only because of the beautiful photos but it showed so much emotion. i felt like i shared the day with yall. I have always wanted to go strawberry picking and that blog made strawberry picking on an important to-do list!
    its a blessing =]

    Chloe Zee

  8. I hope I will be able to make the live chat tomorrow. I have two favorites one is Aug. 5th I love what you did with your white buttons and Keith's sketches and Strawberry day! It look like you guys had so much fun you really came alive!!

  9. Hello my dear! Sorry I haven't been around lately!! HUGE CONGRATS on this milestone!!! And cheers to 1000 more :)
    I'm gonna try & tune in!

  10. definitely love this gumball post! so beautiful and cute and goodness--I LOVE IT.


    --Kasey Best

  11. My favorite is definitely FN at RVA because I took that class and that's how I started reading your blog.


    Cecily Hughs<333

  12. My Name is Jessica :)

    i found your blog through elsie's
    which i found through google
    when i googled Fisheye pictures haha
    it was a long time ago but yeah :)
    and now i am addicted to reading your're guys's blogs they are so fun!

    my favorite freckled nest post is


    cause you mentioned TEGAN AND SARA!!!
    gosh could u be any more awesomer!!!
    i LOVE them to death
    i wish i lived in canada to
    go to all of their concerts :)

  13. nooo, i can´t make it. :( it would´ve been so much fun! i hope you have a such a great time. :)
    my fave recent post from you is "Today was a blur..."
    I love it when you write something about O&K. I think you´re the coolest aunt. :) and i also can´t wait for the winter class you´re teaching with elsie!!!

  14. Hi! I'm Carol! I'm fairly new to your blog. I found your blog through Smile and Wave. I have been enjoying reading your blog so far! Congrats on 1000 posts! I hope to make it to the chat tomorrow!

  15. I am sooo bummed because I will be driving to KC tomorrow at 4. have sooo much fun and big congrats for 1000 posts!! That is insane. Love you!!

  16. Hope to catch it. Enter me from the Indie class. groovin'.

  17. Hi LA!

    I found you via the Smile and Wave blog, which then prompted me to sign up for your indie business workshop and now I feel like a stalker to you and Jill. You are an inspiration and make me, a girl who feels like a geek all the time have hope I can be cool like you *smile*

  18. Recently, it would have to be: http://frecklednest.blogspot.com/2009/09/yesterday-was-my-favorite-holiday.html

    I'm a huge back to school fiend too. : )

  19. Hey, Leigh-Ann! Thanks for the Twitter shout-out; I yelped my excitement to my 9 month old, but he wasn't particularly interested. :)

    My favorite post is the "Joy & Alec" post, because the tutorial has led me to make a bunch of awesome painted chipboard masterpieces.

    Also, I'm not sure if I can make the live chat, so I'll ask my (not crafty) question here: I know that you're a skinny minnie now - how did you go about becoming that way?

    Thanks, LA.

  20. Ah! I forgot the link to my favorite post -


  21. I dont think I could choose just one post!!! :D I find your blog inspiring, inspirational and I love finding a new post to read!!

    my question is... how and where do you find all your cool fonts that you use!?

    your style is so bright and funky, love it! :D

  22. So many fave posts!!! How do we pick just one???
    If I have to pick one, it would be this one because it had a big impact on me:


    I hope to check in on the party!!! xo

  23. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. YAY! I just ran into your blog & I LOVE it! I really love your 20 questions! I am definitely playing it on my blog! =)

  25. Hi Hi :) My name is Mariana! and my favorite post is this


    How to make a stamp! I love it :D:D!!


  26. this is such a cool idea! :)
    I just discovered your blog via Elsie Cake, so I'll go explore a bit...


  27. I've only recently been reading your blog and found you through Elsie's website (A Beautiful Mess). You have some really inspiring stuff on here and I love it! I'll be joining in on the chat later, yay! See you then x

  28. Hi, this is Megan Anderson. I visit this blog so much I feel like a stalker sometimes :) Don't tell your friends that, please. I can't help it; Leigh-Ann is so adorable & inspiring! I feel like there are two types of FN posts: silly LA ones and crafty ones. So I picked one of each

    My favorite crafty inspiration post is this one: http://frecklednest.blogspot.com/2009/06/brooke-evan-alabama-no5.html

    My favorite LA post is this one (love the giggle pics!): http://frecklednest.blogspot.com/2009/02/guess-who-just-realized-she-has-ocd.html

  29. http://frecklednest.blogspot.com/2009/09/yesterday-was-my-favorite-holiday.html

    I love this post and all the adorable fashion trends! I also love remembering how much excitement came around with back to school time, and picking out lovely new clothes, and OFFICE SUPPLIES! haha.:)

    Congrats on your 1000th post LA!
    -Mary-Beth B

  30. My favorite post is the one with Lola (recently) in your sun porch and you commented on how special she is or how lucky you are to have her. I remember it touched me.

    My question would be-

    What is your favorite aspect of your job?

    What are your top 3 favorite creations or projects you’ve created since you’ve started Freckled Nest. I’m guessing it would be difficult to pick one.

    Thanks Leigh-Ann,
    Aunty Patty

  31. yay LA! 1000 is huuuuuge.
    My fave post is this one:
    because I could feel how excited you were, and I was proud of you for living your dreams. :)
    XOXO holly

  32. Hmmm... Hard to choose a favourite post! I'm going to go with the recent one on Sunday about haircuts, friends, things you like and Amelie!! (its one of my favourite movies- and I think its really rad your friend has the lamp tattoo :) )

  33. ah, your blog is great! my favorite post would be (:
    such a clever idea


  34. I love all posts where you show us what you've been working on in your shop & your crazy awesome garage sale finds (furniture!!) I <3 "old man furniture" as well!
    Sarah M

  35. hello my darling friend. congrats on the 1000th post, you are amazing, inspiring, ridiculously cute! my favorite post is...
    maybe this one

    just cause that letterpress cabinet stood out in my head for a long time and if it wasn't for your post about them I wouldn't have ever knew what they were!

    or this one

    with your super amazing journaling skills.


  36. I found your blog today through Elsie's blog and I'm so glad I did, I love it here! :)

  37. I just followed Elsie's link this way! I'm from Belgium, so i guess your live video thingie will be watched some other time! The time difference isn't such a great thing, the weekend is almost over here, while it's only getting started where you are!

  38. New here - met you on the indie biz class of which I am a member. Keep up the great work!


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