Leonard & Imperial

keith's 2nd drawing
Keith completed his second drawing last week, more fabulous than the first! :) Good job sweetie, you're so talented! :) * Last week, I found my newest form of inspiration (and I've seen it coming for a while, all around me, I'm obsessed with old mechanical things: typewriters, record players, organs, gumball machines, clocks, phones and radios). But I hit my inspiration peak when i found this fridge! If it wasn't sold, I would have bought it and moved it into my house in an instant! It was actually so inspiring, it felt magical! I bought the painted dresser beside it for my guestroom :) My friend told me that her Grandparents bought this Leonard Fridget when they first got married, and that the lightbulb has never ever burnt out! * Four years ago, on my first trip out to the Rusty Jack (Our Cabin; named after both our Grandpas).... I saw this beautiful old abandoned shack. It stole my heart and I knew one day, I'd find a way to go inside! Even as a little girl, I dreamed of going into abandoned shacks, garages and cabins to explore! Monday, I did it! I did a B&E, I got the door open and went inside and explored and wanted to take things! Like the old tables and pretty fridge! :) Instead, I took pictures of this amazing fridge, poked around and took an old painted can with handwriting on it! eeeek! xo!


  1. i was definitely one of those little girls too! but, every time i have explored something it's turned out bad. like once i explored an old abandoned house waaayy outside of town and once we saw the prosthetic leg, we were out of there. and then, my boyfriend and i finally explored this old pirate ship on the way to branson and we're pretty sure we escaped a horror movie plot.

    at least you got to see pretty things on your adventure!

    and that fridge--to die for.

  2. I love your blog! Its absolutely adorable!
    Ive added your widget to my blog! :D


  3. He's very good at drawing. And old hardware makes me happy too. I really want an old olive green fridge.

  4. Keith is so good at drawing!! Amazing. :)

  5. hehe...love it! i am compelled to go in old barns or little abandoned shacks...especially if the grass and weeds are 17 feet tall and there is a NO TRESPASSING sign. it makes me wonder what could possibly be inside! i'm glad you found something fun on your adventure!

    xoxo andie...

  6. Seriously how can Keith draw like that and never have known it was in there! A M A Z I N G!


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