Welcome's Blog MakeOver

For Welcome For Welcome For Welcome Welcome hired me to give her blog a makeover and it turned out really pretty and reflective of her art style :] She's very happy with it and Joe did a great job with formating and final details! Thanks Welcome!! :] Welcome's Blog Makeover --- Funny Story, A few nights ago, it's dark in our room, I hear this weird sound and I ask Keith, "What are you doing? He says, "Playing Bedar" LA: "What?" Keith: "Listen!" (He was playing "bed guitar" with the loose stitching strings on our duvet) We cracked up. And apparently it's time for a new blanket. Warning/Parental Advisory: (Don't go to this if you're pure minded and want to stay that way.) TextsfromLastNight.com (TFLN as I call it) is THE funniest thing in a long time. I woke Keith up I was laughing so loud at some of them morning.


  1. Awesome job with the makeover!
    They look really cute. :)
    And bedar. All I can say is LOL.
    You´re so funny! ;)

  2. That website is hilarious! Thank you for sharing that!

  3. Very pretty. Love that orange typewriter and the green letters. I get the feeling of being able to touch that banner.

  4. TFLN is pretty funny! Great job on the blog!! x


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