A Post from Keith

LA was sitting on the floor in the kitchen for the last hour talking on the phone to Jill. Her stomach was sore because she had ice cream, and everytime she has ice cream, she says "no more ice cream, this makes my tummy hurt". After the phone call ended, we realized Lola and Tom had gotten out of the yard, and we bolted to find them! I found Tom right away, and LA used her keen detective skills to locate Lola. When we got back in, we were both weezing from running, and I poured a coke. Leigh-Ann thought she should have a water to help her stomach... but then, K: Babe! What was that CHHH noise? (LA looks up with a stunned guilt as I notice her pouring something) K: "Are you...?" LA's excuse for the coke: "I was running!!"


  1. Hahaha.

    I have more excuses than that for popping open a coke. Haha.

    You are too cute.

  2. I'm with you on the ice cream! (and cheese)...just take a lactaid tablet before eating ice cream and you will be A okay! I can't give it up...too good.

  3. So in the coke defense. Back in the day they would prescribe coke syrup to settle tummies. When I was pregnant and sick all the time the doctor told me to drink a bit of coke. Also I am allergic to dairy and agree with the lactaid stomach aches will disappear.

    Cute story :)

  4. Hahaha. You guys are adorable. I'm SO glad you found Tom and Lola! <3

  5. Yes, they actually still sell coca cola syrup for upset tummies! So pop open that coke!


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