Happy Mother's Day to my 4 Favorite Ladies!

I love you all!!!!


  1. Neat pictures of you as a baby. Your mom looked so in fashion for the time.....

    Glad to see the pictures arrived and that you are enjoying them.

    Love Aunty Kim

  2. Happy Mother's Day, my daughter Amanda, Mom, Mela and Judy and all the other moms out there.

    Oh Leigh-Ann, I know where you got those pictures, but boy was my HAIR LONG. I don't even remember it being that long ever. And those glasses, I guess I wanted to be able to see everything every which way around. Thank goodness, they quit making them so big. If only I could be that skinny again, and that was probably with some pregnancy weight on still.

    Was it EVEN LEGAL to have children at that age, we look so YOUNG, but you can see we were truely blessed and happy to have our dear Leigh-Ann.

    Thank you Leigh-Ann and Keith!

    Love Always from Your Momma

  3. Thank you for the pictures Aunty Kim, I smiled so big as I looked thru them! :] Love you!

    Mom, you look like Little Miss Sunshine! ;) love you Momma!

    I shoulda said Happy Mother's day to Amanda too. Happy Mother's day too Amanda!


  4. you and your mom are twinsies! :)


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