"is the whole movie about people playing frisbees with razors?"

Loved LOVED reading my new subscription to UPPERCASE on the plane ride here. Saving the second half for the way home :] This is my very favorite thing at Elsie's house, besides her. She has cute little things like this mushroom guy :) Miss Rachel and her brick, lol :] (A building got torn down and she wanted to keep this big brick, and I think that's pretty adorable) Doing my usual decision time at the end of shopping. I decided against the purse, got the rest :] Freckled Nest baby! (at Fridays) Jamie and I hung out yesterday and had lots of fun! She's sooo nice :) This is our view most of the time, working in the kitchen on our computers with lots of lists, and having mini dance parties and drinking lots of starbucks, eating sandwiches and listening to Britney Spears "Gimme More" on repeat (we're at 63plays).


  1. that looks awesome in the kitchen.

  2. Is that Polly Pockets I see in your hands? I wonder who that could be for.....
    I'm going to bring my computer over to Amandas today, maybe the girls will be able to talk to you on skype.
    By the way, I saw something on the computer that your dear Britney is prego again.

    Love Momma

  3. Looks like you are having a great time! I know you miss your guy though...can't talk him into coming down to see ya?

    That blue wall is such a pretty color!

  4. Lovin' the pics! Awesome.

    I love everything you just mentioned..food wise. And I also shop with my eyes, then before I check out I take most of it out when sense kicks in. :) Good method. Never do it when you're hungry..no sense kicks in!!

  5. Looks like you're having fun!

    I always do that at the end of shopping too.. especially groceries, lol.

  6. great post!
    I think your usual "decision time" period will rub off on me, I think that would save me money! I've always remembered it ever since our Value Village excursion. :)
    Sounds like you're having a greeeeat time!!
    love love.

  7. oooo i want that purse!!! :D
    you are too cuute! loved this post!
    can't wait to meet you!

  8. looks like you are having such an amazing time!!! what an inspiring environment!!! p.s. i always do decision time at the end of shopping :) yay!

  9. fun fun funssss!! wow....how awesome to be able to hang out with miss elsie! love the pictures! was that your first time flying to see her?

  10. Can I come and play please please please???? I am soooooo jealous. I love Target!!!!!

  11. i´m so happy to hear you´re having fun time! :)
    i hope to see a loooot more pics when you go home again. btw, did you remember to say hi from me? hihi.

  12. Loving all the color here!!!


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