My sister and I wrote this bio of me yesterday... Indie style and International entrepreneur, Leigh-Ann Keffer is a self-taught artist raised and residing in Winnipeg. She started Freckled Nest as a hobby in 2003, mainly selling handmade mini-albums, hand-stitched tote bags, blog designs, and custom pieces. Word spread fast of her original artworks and unique style; and Leigh-Ann is now living her dream with FN as her full time job and life's joy. On her fun, daily blog, Leigh-Ann lives her passion for handmade and shares her creative life through photos, moments, craft techniques, and completed works. "When I realized my creative side, I felt empowered and alive; I love inspiring others towards that feeling of discovery and accomplishment!" On May 11th, I'm teaching this MiniBook Class at Lune in Winnipeg (signups here). These are the juicy papers we're using! eeeeek :] I talked with Elsie today, we're getting excited for my trip :] I leave in 11 days! I'm so tired. I want a nap, but I'm getting so much done, I'd rather catch up...and have a nap in a week ;) We're going to see Fast & Furious tonight :] Kody and Keith are out on a bromance right now. Buying diecast cars and giving blood. It's adorable.


  1. A Bromance Date! What a great term. Your class looks cool and the bio is spot on. Don't wear yourself out toooooo much girl.

  2. Man Dates! Aren't they just adorable? My guy, Dustin, usually goes to the videogame store and sushi with his "bros". Oh gosh, it's just so cute!

    I am LOVING the asymetrical bangs. Holy crap! Too good.

    Have a good Saturday, Miss LaLa. :]


  3. Your blog is definitely fun! I'm a loyal reader! Thank you for sharing your wit and wisdom with the world. We enjoy!

  4. Baby girl! You have a great bio! I would just add "said Leigh-Ann" after your quote! Sorry, I'm a journalist, and I couldn't help it!
    Stay cute! :]

  5. Hi Leigh-Ann, nice bio, where are you putting this?
    Since you're working so hard and burning the candle at both ends, ARE YOU TAKING YOUR VITAMINS? You know what happens to you, you'll end up getting sick in Missouri. You need to listen to your mother, she knows from experience, ie. Vancouver a few years ago and a really bad flu. Listen to your mother.

    Love Momma

  6. You make man dates sound sissy, theres nothing sissy about them they are MANLY we lift burning cars off old ladies and then eat without cleaning our hands, cut down trees without safety equipment, cross streets without using the designated crosswalks, that says manly all over it


    and then when thats all done we say things like Slappppin the Base, and Totes Magotes while doing chest bumps

  7. Love the new bio! To infinity and beyond darling girl!

  8. Your picture is beautiful by the way. And I love the papers you've chosen for that kit. And your bio is very good.

  9. New bio is awesome! I just love your blog!


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