The Weekend

This Willy's was our favorite car at World of Wheels yesterday :] Totally like seeing this in BIG :) I had 2 of those really good lemonades I'm obsessed with every summer :] And was drawn to all the aqua cars... Snapped this picture right before the battery died... but my glasses are done and PERFECT! Thanks so much babe!! :] And just a little dream I've been thinking about while I fall asleep at night...


  1. CD's? What's that? Do they make those anymore? :-)
    If you dream it - it will be so.

  2. My husband is a musician and he has an album coming out soon. I have talked to him about using one of the amazing artists I have "met" online. I am not sure if he is ready to give up creative control...but if I can convince him, I will keep you in mind for him.

  3. the hair suits you sooo good. I love love it, hope you do too still. ;)
    That's a great dream. Good on ya for journalling it too. :) <3

  4. LEIGH-ANN. I really wish you'd do a slick slick project where you like make mix cd covers(sort of a la nick and norah style. i'd buy those! such a great present. i dunno, you know me and music! ps. even though i haven't seen you in so long i like reading your updates here, makes me feel like we haven't been incommunicato (sp?) for so long!


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