It looks like January again... more snow!

Rachelle of Use the Good China asked me to create a parisian style banner for her cooking & baking blog :] Together, we tweeked it to perfection and it's nice and light & pretty :] Check out Rachelle's blog... she's such a sweetie and shares stories and recipes (she's a culinary magician!) :] * This week, I'm working on Kris' Custom Album. Her family has spent the past two Christmases in Cancun, and she's ordered an album with the style of my KI Memories contest album :) Her pictures are so sunny and vibrant, it's making me crave summer even more! Happy Wednesday, the week is flying by! :]


  1. Yay sun, I can't wait for it!!!!

  2. You'll have to show us the book when your done. I've been working on my silhouette cutter for the most part of the day. I've been asked to make some wall art for the hair salon that I go to. And I've had to cut out letters individually and it's taken a lot of time. Thank god for saving your work. That way when I go to cut them out again with the vinyl the measurments will already be there.
    The sun hasen't shinned here in about 3 days.
    The blog banner looks good LA... I need to design a new one for mine.

  3. I looked at your KI memories contest book and it was strange to see you with a Tyson...I started reading your blog not long ago and Keith is the man...strange. But I love your book and I am saving my pennies to order a custom LA freckled nest album!!!! Love it!

  4. snow sucks. we have so cold still!! this morning it was -20c! and it should already be warmer and snow should me melting.


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