Mini Album Kit Club is here!!! :]

Hiiiii Everyone :] Over the past few years, I have made over 70 of these Book Albums! She was my first original design, and I still love making her :] Now, I'm ready to teach you how to make this yummy Book Album from scratch! Your Book Album Kit will include a set of detailed instructions & all the supplies to make this album... Book Details Cover: 7x7" Spine: 2" wide Inside: There are four sections (eight 6x6" pages per section). Pages: Thirty-two coordinating, patterned & textured colored cardstock pages that can hold up to 64 of your favorite 4x6 photos. *All paper is Acid-Free* Note - Experience Level Needed: I write very detailed instructions (literally step by step) and include example photos along the way. So as long as you can follow instructions and know how to use the basic tools needed for the project (ex. bone folder, paper cutter, glue, needle&thread, etc), you can make this kit. - The title buttons will all be different; a pretty button or a metal flower. - I selected all the buttons from my "favorites jar "...(that's a big deal). Every kit will feature some great vintage and yummy buttons. No kit is the same ;) - Inside papers may be a little different; but they are guaranteed to be great :] - Purchasing a Kit today is like a Pre-Order. They will be shipped within 10 bizdays of purchase. The Supplies Your kit will include a variety of embellishments & buttons similar to this :]
x Book Album Kit $47us plus shipping Shipping Options Shipping to USA, $9 Shipping to Canada, $11 International Surface (4-6 weeks), $15 or International Air (6-10 days), $33
How to Purchase: (The button is now fixed and working) Select the appropriate shipping from the dropdown menu and click the "Buy Now" button. You will be redirected to complete a secure Paypal transaction with Credit Card or your Paypal Balance. If you have any problems, please email me :] Note: If you don't have/want a paypal account, email me and I can explain how to send a secure credit card payment.
Book Album KIT ($47 +Shipping)
Bonus: The first 8 kits sold will receive their tiny supplies in this cute little reusable tin :] One per customer. Welcome to the Mini Album Kit Club!!! Thank you!! :] Love Leigh-Ann


  1. hi sweetiepie! i tried to get one, but it just takes me to the front page of my paypal... did i do something wrong? anyways, i´d love to get one kit with international surface shipping (the air is so much.. plus i can wait :)
    can you make me an invoice?

    this kit is soooo cute! i want to make it with my mom. :)

  2. Hi Inka,
    Thanks for telling me :]
    I've taken away the "Buy Now" button feature (i was trying it out, and unfortunately, it didn't work?) and listed the new way to order a kit. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  3. That's an awesome kit!~ I can't believe you're giving away your secret for these!!!

  4. You did such an awesome job on that album babe! Very nicely laid out and photographed also :) Love you. P.S. #18 all the way baby

  5. Oh! The buttons back and working now :)
    Thanks Keith hunny :)

  6. Keith is so cute to leave you random notes....lucky girl!

    p.s. I just ordered mine! YAY!

  7. Yay, I just got one too! Can't wait!

  8. And I can certainly vouch for Leigh Ann's instructions. I done many of her kits before and her instructions are great. If I can follow them anyone can. I'm so not an instruction following person.

    So excited for you LA and I love this kit. I'll be back......

  9. Hey they look great!! Six Gun ox

  10. Hey LA!!! I've been dying to figure out how to make this album since the day you showed us your book that you made that you had a page published in the KI Memories book. I've been drooling over it for a long time. How long will this book be for sale. I'll have to wait for my taxes. I'm hoping will be deposited in few days.

  11. Congrats, girl! The first kit looks amazing!!
    I hope you are having a great week!

  12. How beautiful. You did a great job.. and 70 albums!! I can't believe it. You're amazing.


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