I got Twitter & a Winner!

A lot of you recommended that I use Twitter to share Freckled Nest news...so today I signed up :) Follow my Twitter for updates on new FN products, shop updates, sneekpeeks, sales & specials and crafty things :] Twitter Question: Can someone tell me if theres a way to link a word in twitter (instead of pasting the whole link in) and can I add pictures to my little update things? Now for the Idea*Machine Winner of the Rainbow Mini Album... Pati Woodward!! Pati, please email me your mailing address :) Thank you everyone for so much encouragement and great ideas!!! Love LA


  1. you cannot post a picture to your updates that i know of. I've had twitter for a long time and I've never seen anyone post a picture.

    also, i don't think twitter allows html stuff because you only get so many characters to begin with. I just make GOOD use of tinyurl. lol

    love that you got one! I'm already following you!

  2. Adding pictures to twitter - use TwitPic. It adds a dinky URL to the tweet, linking to the pic!

    I'd also highly recommend Tweetdeck, it's a program you install on your PC, but you can organise all your Twitter friends into your own groups, and also post directly from it. IT even has direct links to TinyURL and TwitPic. It's mega handy. :)

  3. Hey I have Twitter, I hardly ever use it, perhaps this will make remind me!! I love the name. "Twitter" reminds me of Bambi. :)

  4. I'm so excited for your upcoming goodness. :D It's going to be lots of fun.

  5. Most pple use Tinyurl to post links, but there is a way of having your 'name' in there too.
    If you go to tinyurl and enter your link, then underneath that box should be 'custom alias' - put whatever name you want in there i.e. LA - and your tinyurl will come out like http://tinyurl.com/LA


    (hopefully this will work!)

  6. I had this tweeted to me today:


    Not sure if it will be useful, just passing it along. :)

  7. I see above they already answered you but I was going to say

    http://tinyurl.com/ and http://twitpic.com/

    Also, you can text updates by going to settings/devices/ after you set it up you can save 40404 in your contacts and then you can update it more.... You can also get updates form people through text.


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