Dirty Laundry & Little Red Suitcase

Dirty Laundry's new blog design..
And The Little Red Suitcase recently interviewed me... you can read it here :]


  1. Awesome interview! You are very inspiring my dear - so much going on! Congrats :)

  2. great interview LA!! And your going to Springfield? You lucky girl!
    Cant wait to see your new kits.

    I love, love, love my new blog design! :P

  4. Cute new design! I love it!

  5. The new blog banner for Beth is awesome!! Love it!!!

    Your interview is just amazing!! You rocked it!!! It was a really great read!!! Great job, LA!!!!

  6. And just so you know...the title of this post sounds awesome.. Dirty Laundry and a Little Red Suitcase. That sounds like an awesome new scrapbooking line.
    (insert flashing lightbulb)

  7. Yeah that is a cute design!

    The inteview was super fun! I loooooved reading it. Thos pics of Tom were so very sweet. I can't wait to get a puppy.

  8. I loved your interview Leigh-Ann, really cute and informative. You have really come along way LA.
    We're very proud of your accomplishments!!! :)

    Remember, we're gone tomorrow, you can text me if you need to get ahold of me.

    I love you!!!

    Love Momma

  9. I loved the interview... VERY FUNNY!
    That is awesome about selling through RVA... I was going to ask if you asked about that.

    I MISS YOU LDR. We need to have a chat soon.... maybe video chat. Did you know that you can video chat through gmail now?

  10. I just read the interview LA and that's so great.... Right now i'm Studying Graphic design and working so that leavesme very little time to create and reading that made me think that maybe i can do it. currently I have about 18 hours days but if i could sneak some personal creating in there for about 30 minutes I think i could do it. I told you, you inspire me!!!!


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