I'll make you a Custom Mini-Album :]

Hi Everyone! Thanks for such a great response yesterday! I'm gonna do it! I'm going to make custom mini-albums for people :] Why hire me to make your mini-books? 1. You don't have to make it! You receive a completed album! All I need from you is the pictures, a story & a bit of info behind each photo, and a discussion thru email about the style of album you'd like :] 2. I'm good at it :) Mini albums are my FAVORITE thing to make! And I have a unique style and endless fresh ideas! 3. You'll have a deadly album! To me, mini-albums are so much cooler than traditional style scrapbooking! They're a little look in! They're fun and simple; not overpowering and never ending. I love having my mini books out for friends and company to pick up and flip thru! Prices start at $100 and I can either create a completely original style mini-album orrrr a variation of one of my past mini-album designs :] If you'd like to discuss a custom mini-album, please email me at FreckledNest@gmail.com or leave a message with your email address in the comments of this post :]


  1. What an amazing idea!! I've loved all the albums you've made and I can't get over how cute the covers of the journals you've done are!

    I saw Nick and Nora, but I don't remember the elevator!! I'll have to watch it again just to find that moment. Thanks for the comment, you're very sweet :)

  2. quick question LA, about how many pcitures did you use for the mini-book on elsie's blog?? I want a big fat thick one like yours... :]

  3. hey thank u so much! ^_______^
    the key is from ebay ;)
    loooove u!

  4. Hi, Just found your blog and I love it! Your adorable boston caught my eye - I have 2! Oreo and Sami, my constant companions! Aren't they the BEST ?!?!

  5. Hi Amanada :)
    I have 30 small pictures thruout...but to make sure it's fat, have lots of pages (of different sizes, textures and thicknesses), with stuff/embellishments on all of them. My mini has 44 surfaces/22 pages :)

  6. Hey, your picture of all the minis lined up is awesome. i had a question about the two that are bound with the strings on the outside. Did you do that? If yes, i would be interested if you could point me in the direction of some instructions on that kind of binding. i do lots of mini books too, but have not done one like that. Your books are amazing. Thanks, Brooke brookesunshine@austin.rr.com


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