Happy Monday :D

My friend Elsie asked me to guestblog tomorrow and next Tuesday :] I'm working on a new mini-album about Tom and i'll be sharing it there tomorrow :) I have some exciting news! In April, I'm going to be Elsie's houseguest for a few weeks and help her with the Red Velvet Art store and preparations for the Red Velvet Craft Weekend :] How cool! And if you're gonna be at the Craft Weekend, I'll see you there :] I use the back of my hand to adjust the paint on my brush. Does anyone else ever do that? Happy Monday!!


  1. woah. that IS exciting news!!

  2. Very exciting news indeed. And how cool that you'll be there for the craft weekend. :D

    Look forward to seeing what you're making.

    I too do this with my hand. It's all prettied up when I'm finally done painting at the end of a project.

  3. you are such a lucky girl!! I would die to meet Elsie! ahhh .... have fun though!

  4. You are just too cool for school!

  5. Hey LA! that's is indeed very exciting news to go stay with AND craft with elsie and her upcoming red velvet opening!!
    WOOHOO for you lucky duck!

    have an amazing inspirational time...i'm sure it will be awesome!
    can't wait to see toms new mini!

  6. Exciting! Can't wait to read it (& see what you're working on)!

    I'm definitely hoping to be at the crafty weekend and can't wait to meet you in person!!!! Sooo fun!!! :)

    Hope your Monday is wonderfully happy & inspiring!!!
    xoxo -j

  7. OMG OMG OMG OMG I am giddy jumping up and down for you! That is so exciting that you are gonna help Elsie and RVA! Oh if you could of heard the squeal I let out in your honor! I can't wait to hear all about it! SO SO COOL! You darling are living such a lovely life!

  8. Oh yes
    the paint on the hands and arms and sometimes, well very often somewhere on my face as well.
    When and how it ends up there is a mystery. ;)
    I've even been to the store once or twice looking like that. :)


  9. *Rockstar*
    plus, I always have paint on my hands - but not on purpose.

  10. ME=JEALOUS!!!

    Sounds amazing! That would be the coolest thing to get to hang out with Elsie. Looking forward to Pretty!

  11. I do that thing with my hands but worse, I use my lips to shape the brush and paint on the face doesn't look so funky, and the worst? when you dip the brush into your coffee instead of the water jar - oh I just hate that! t.x

  12. holy exciting! you deserve it! can't wait for you post! and for the pretty class to begin!
    and i really really want to make it down for the craft wknd the end of april... but not sure i can! it would truly be a dream though!


  13. Looks like we'll actually get to meet each other! Looking forward to it.

  14. YIPPEEEEE!!!!!
    Can't wait, hey Leigh-Ann.
    It will be a VERY NICE birthday surprise.

    Love Momma

  15. oh right on! I'll look forward to your post. Wow that's so awesome that you're going to be her houseguest! You're going to have SO much fun. :) I really wanted to go to the craft weekend, but I think I'm driving down there afterwards, for May long.
    Your Mom says it'll be a birthday surprise.. when is it? Mine's Apr 24th. :)

  16. Thanks everyone :]

    Holly, my birthday is April 11 :]

  17. i think the custom minis are a great idea! visiting from elsie's page and so glad i did. you're bookmarked!

  18. Yay!!! You'll have so much fun at Elsie's, she's the best :)
    I might be able to meet you in real life then, maybe maybe! I'm definitely planning on making a couple of trips up to see her over the next few months. :)


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