1st Day of Giveaways!

From Autumn Christopher! Autumn donated these green glass teardrop earrings for you to win! In the comments of this post, enter your name&email and your favorite thing in Autumn's Shop :] We will draw a winner later tomorrow :) Autumn makes really pretty jewelry (shhh, I ordered a piece for someone special in my family, tehe) and I love this woman! Among her many talents, she has an incredible heart, a huge stiletto collection, hilarious stories, and great teeth! We're great friends and have the funniest emails back and forth! She knows a lot of my secrets ;) hehe :) She's also offering a 15% discount for anything in her Etsy Shop before Christmas! You just need to give the secret password in the message for the discount: "Leigh-Ann is a Good Dancer". ps. I just wrote her an email saying I can hear a GIANT mouse or squirrel IN my roof! This is a problem! I don't even have an opening into my attic. And what if the squirrel gets into the house. It'll be like that psycho scene in Christmas Vacation!!! Her response: If that does happen... please be sure to video tape it for me! Nice.


  1. Oh wow! These are so gorgeous! Good luck with your squirrel friend.

    Bekka (bekkabess@gmail.com)

  2. S0000 much to love in Autumns shop. Love the green glass teardrop earrings. Also love the Green & Silver Circle Bracelet!

    Ang (penner.angela@gmail.com)

  3. Oh Leigh-Ann, I love Autumn's earrings. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE GREEN, it's my #1 colour. Really cute Autumn!!!:) I love all the jewelery on your shop, but ESPECIALLY the green and silver necklace.

    HMMM.... Leigh-Ann ordered something for someone in her family?????I wonder who this could possibly be since Amanda and I are the only females, or even the only ones who where jewelery????

    Love Momma @

  4. Hey there I love the green drop earrings! They're stellar! as well as your blog, fun stuff =]


  5. Those earrings are beautiful! I need green!!!


  6. The green tear drop earrings are definitely amazing, but I also think her new, summery journal is pretty adorable! Thanks for the great giveaways-- Happy Holidays!!

    erinnyne (@) gmail (dot) com

  7. yeap those green earrings are totally my fave!

  8. Ooooh! Pretty! Believe it or not, those earrings are my favorite thing in her shop.

    myladypatriot @ gmail . com

  9. love love love the earrings, but that shell necklace is pretty special, too!

    So fun! Thanks you two for the great giveaway fun!

  10. HI. I love the Giant mouse/squirrel email story... Too Funny.

    I love the earrings but unfortunately I am not a earring wearer (is that a word). But she does make adorable jewelery.

  11. In all honesty, those green earrings are my favorite of her etsy shop!! The design in very trendy but very classic at the same time.

    I'm Kim

  12. Cute! I love the projects you have been putting up everyday! I already made the mistletoe one, I love it!

    I really like those green earings. My other favorite thing from Autumn's shop is the Petrified Wood Dangle Earrings.

    Krista Juliff

  13. I love the lime and turquoise shell set. Those are so pretty!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Hello Friend, long time no blog, but I'm keeping tabs on you. What isn't there to like in her shop, but her turquoise chunky bracelet is too cute. By the way my friend got a squirrel in her house from the attic and when she got up the next morning it had drowned in the commode. Not trying to scare you or anything, but you might want to turn on the light if you have to use it in the middle of the night. LOL Hugs

  15. I think the green earings might be my fave. But the green and silver bracelet is very pretty too. Canda candacraft@gmail.com

  16. My favorite thing is the Pink and Silver Circle Bracelet, so very pretty! And it would match almost all of my clothes! LOL

  17. Hii. Pretty! So fun!! My favorite thing in Autumn's shop is the black and turquoise earrings, but the green ones are uberrr cuteee too!

    Ashley (ashleypeak@vandals.uidaho.edu)

  18. Love them! I love green anything. I'll be checking this store out tonight!!


  19. very pretty. I love the black and turquoise shell bracelet in her shop. Lovely things.


  20. My favourite thing from her shop is these earrings. They are super! :)
    These giveaways are so much fun!

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  22. these earrings are my fave too!
    thanks for doing the giveaways! too fun!

    love all your projects from class! you're amazing!

    jari spry

  23. Loving these squirrel stories - poor drowned squirrel!

    I was really struck by the beautiful earrings (as it seems most of us have been - they're fabulous!) but also love the green and silver circle bracelet. Definitely going through a green phase at the moment...

    You both have fabulous shops - so inspiring and full of pretty!


  24. Hi -- I've enjoyed your holiday craft ideas! My fav is also the green drop earrings so I just had to comment! Contests are fun :)

  25. Her Shell Necklace is GORGEOUS! I'm such a huge orange fan! Thanks for the opportunity to win these beautiful earrings. :)

  26. If I had to choose one thing it would be the smoky pink quartz necklace *LOVE*.


  27. i must say that i love the lime and turquoise necklace and earrings. but i'm totally in love with these green teardrop earrings ! they would go perfectly with my new green winter coat !
    and i have to say thank you for all the wonderful craft ideas - my daughter and i have been really busy crafting bees thanks to your great inspiration ! - monica

  28. Fabulous green earrings!

    I looked in her shop, and I love her custom made journals. Definately a sucker for blank pages with cute covers.

    Thank you for spreading Christmas cheer!
    -Megan megpie330@yahoo.com

  29. oh those are gorgeous! i also love the green and silver circle bracelet

  30. My favorite is the petrified wood earings.
    laurawinn (at) gmail (dot) com

  31. Ooooo, they're beautiful!
    Barbie (surebunny@yahoo)

  32. Am I too late to win these? I love them! I also like the circle bracelet. Good luck with the squirrel! elissa at huebert dot org

  33. Ooh, hope I'm not too late! My favorite thing in her shop is the pink and white circle bracelet. So cute! Thanks for turning me on to her shop! :)

    -Carrie Morley

  34. Ooh i like the Fancy Flowers journal. And that's a pretty good price for a nice journal.


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