just a quickie:

Tonight there were some young thug shoplifters at Michaels...and we stalked them thru the store for fun. We were peering thru shelves, following them in circles, we stood in the same aisle talking to each other about how "we saw some kids get maced last week when they got busted". And then we ratted them out. lol. Sidebar: When I asked if we can go to Michaels, Keith asks "Who's Michael?".


  1. I detest shoplifters. How funny that you followed them around. I spotted some last year at Christmas time in American Eagle while in line to check out and told the manager. He caught them stealing man jewelry and they got arrested. I waved as they were going off with the police. My hubby said I'll get shot one day, oh well.

    Too funny about Keith saying Who's Michael....we went to Michaels last night too. Cool.

  2. lol... "oh well" ;)

    What'd you get Sandy?

  3. leigh ann this is hilarious!!! i love your journal pages... very fun!! mine are not that cute:)

    btw, your doctor can order the nurse to "clean you out" before you have the baby;) ha!!

  4. I went to Michael's yesterday with my mom and got some fantastic deals. all these frames were like fifty percent off. it was awesome.

  5. great story!! thanks for sharing...


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