i'm addicted to ice.

. 3-4 cubes is my ideal (per drink)


  1. I like ice too - but I hate when the cubes stick together in a mass and you get hit in the face with a giant ice ball when you take a sip. Ouch.

    PS> Even your ice cube trays are vintage! Cute colors!

  2. Do you realize what this will do to your teeth???
    Who does this sound like....HMMM.
    Love Momma

  3. Hey don't want to be weird or anything.......but if you chew ice ALL THE TIME, you could be anemic (it is a symptom, how bizarre is that?)

    PS--your ice trays are really cute colors, though :)

  4. I used to be addicted to ice becasue I was anemic. Weird huh?

    It's a form of what's called "pica" or a craving for non food items. It's a symptom of low iron. I think ice counts as food but they place it along with the people that crave dirt & crayons. (much more normal to chew ice)

    After I had my babies & took all those pre-natal vitamins I never have low iron or crave ice!

  5. I second that motion for anemia! I was anemic and a SEVERE ice addict ie: would buy entire bags so i could eat them (weird I know) - but for real, go get a blood test!
    And, I miss you and I really need to meet Tom.
    love Tanner

  6. I would be too if I had such cool ice cube trays.


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