hi Guys

Grandma, just push the play button :) Also, Please go to my friend Jenn's recipe entry, here :) She needs our help to get votes on her cooking in a recipe contest :) It's easy and you don't need to sign up to vote. Just click 5 stars! Please :) Jenn: I just voted (5 stars!), and Keith's gonna vote tomorrow from all the computers at his work. Cause we love you and hope we can help you win :)


  1. Ok, so I've never commented on your blog before but I read it regularly and HAD to comment on this one...

    I, too, get a little misty-eyed when there's a big winner on Wheel of Fortune. It's my dream (and has been since I was little) to be on that show, lol.

    I signed up for Elsie's class just now!! SOOOOO excited! Eeeeeee!!!!

    You have a great energy! You make me laugh. Have a wonderful week!!!

  2. i enjoyed watching your video!! i love your laugh!!! and those collars are precious! OMG, you signed up! i want to very badly, but i don't think i can with school. :(

    have fun w/ jill.

  3. Oh goodness, Tom is just amazingly adorable!!! Love him(Lola is adorable as well)

    Congrats on all your sales, thats awesome:)

    Love your favorite button, lucky Keith to have it on a scarf just for him, thats tooo sweet!


  4. Great video. Tom is sooo cute! (sorry Lola, you too!). It was so great hanging out last night. HAR HAR HAR (still giggling about that laugh!)

  5. loved your video classmate! :)
    tom is soooo cute, i´m glad he´s better from the weekend.
    and lola is a nice big sis giving some kisses to her little brother. hihi.

    you know what, i first thought you´re going to GIVE the buttons AWAY! LOL! i was like, yes, me me! send them to me! lol. :D

    have a nice (shipping) day! i´m so excited about the class!!! eeek!


  6. yay for elsie's class!!!!!!

  7. You are soo freakin adorable!!! I hope Elsie can hold out one more spot for me. Last week we had a lack of work day so now my check is going to be short.....I will find a way!!!

    So why was Toms tummy all swollen? I was waiting for you to show us something they found in his poop or something that he may have swallowed.

    I'm sorry I wasn't able to buy anything.. Believe me I would have loved to of. But...Like I said above.

    I am making something that I just started working on last weekend and I cant wait to show you. It will be nice and cuddley with very pretty colors. Thats all I'm saying.... So I'd better get back at it.


  8. I might have an extra ball for your lip ring! Let me know if you're interested.

  9. You are so freakin' cute and funny.
    I love your videos.
    They are great.
    Hey that reminds me....
    I think we need some flip videos... Real soon.


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