Blogging from the Hospital

Guess whose hijacking hospital wireless.......ussss! I rented a Ninetendo DS for Keith :) He's enjoying old school SuperMario Bros :) And of course, I got a Race Game too :) He's doing well, under observation for a few more days. They're hoping the antibiotics will help the apendix "fix" itself, without surgery :) They haven't had to do the "long needle procedure" either :) hallelujah! It's a good day! :] And they're giving Keith a Full Fluids Diet now, which includes ICE CREAM! Stellar! Lola slept with me last night. She was so cuddly! Needed that :] Peace out :) Mom: Can you please let Lola out when you get home. Kody can, but he won't be able to until later. If you can get there before him, I'd really appreciate it :) (then call him and tell him he doesn't have to.) email me if you get this. I can check my email in Keiths room. Thanks :) Dad's joke about the calender of Grizzly Results is still making us laugh today! Keith loved that one :)


  1. Hooray for the healing and how awesome is it that Keith's still smiling through it all (well, I'm sure not the whole experience). And renting a Nintendo! Who's the most rockin' sickbed girlfriend EVER. Brilliant.

    Sending you lots and lots of healing vibes Keithcakes. Tell them they can keep their needles - no stinkin' needles needed here today. Keep getting better and better. *hugs* (shhh...don't tell LA I included *)

  2. YAY! Glad to hear he's feeling better! And HOW FUN is the DS???

  3. Oooh, such fun pics in the hospital. Glad things are going better. Eat lots of jello... or is that just a Minnesota thang?
    Get well soon.

  4. Good to see both of your smiling faces. And I'm glad to hear that Kieth is on the road to Recovery...

    SADSADSAD News!!! Elsie has resigned from KI Memories... No more new Love, Elsie :0( You can read about it in her blog.. I'm anxious to see what she's got in store now.

    Take care LA and Kieth!!

  5. Poor guy!! I'm glad he's doing some better, and aww! It's sweet that you rented him a DS :) Old school Mario Bros. is the best game ever :)


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