(1 Sold to Rainy, 1 Sold to Angela) * (Junior Mints Sold Out, Inka) (1 Sold to Holly, 1 Sold to Rainy, 1 Sold to Tania) * [Orange Polaroid] [Happy Polaroid] [Chirp Polaroid] [Pink Polaroid] [Crosswords Polaroid] [Rusty Polaroid] [Chocolate Polaroid] [Ours Polaroid] (How To Purchase)
In the comments of this post, please write your name, email/paypal-email and which item(s) you want...but first look if anybody else has bought it. &*Payment by Paypal (we will invoice).
*US prices.* *Shipping Additional US&Can: $2.50 per item Int'l: $4.25 per item *There are multiples of some of the button cards and the minibook kit. Each will say Sold Out when they are gone. Thanks :)


  1. Hi Leigh-Ann! I would LOVE to get my hands on that 1 hour mini-book kit; I kicked myself for days when I didn't grab it the first time.

    My name is Holly Flanagan and my email is luxurious@gmail.com.


  2. Oooh Oooh Oooh, Me Too! LA: I want the One hour Mini Kit, and the 6 by Six doodle album. Love your stuff chick! Hugs

    My name is Rainy

  3. Those buttons and the way you're displaying them are/is rad!

  4. eeeeek! those buttons are the coolest!! :) are they like a painting? which one i want.. mmm... hard to decide!! but i think i will go with the junior mints. :)

    my name is inka and you know my e-mail. :)

  5. i waited all day to see what you had!!!! it was worth it..i would like a 1 hour mini kit please...you know my name and my email...i could have used it tonight...i spent 3 hours in the emerg with Thad...he busted his collar bone right in half...ouch..it's been a long night...can't wait to get my little book!!!!

  6. the buttons are just buttons sewed to a pretty card... you can cut them off and use them or display the card :)

  7. it's all so yummy!! i'm happy you've gone full time creator. i got my notebook kit in the mail yesterday. woohoo!! it will be next week before i have time to even start it though.

  8. Love your adds. My favorite is Number 2...the doodle one. If you have another I would love to have one.


  9. hey freckles!!
    super yummy stuff you got going on here!!! cuteness factor = 10

  10. Look at all the new yummy Stuff.

    I love it all.

  11. I love visiting your blog!! I can't wait until I have some extra $ to order something-maybe AFTER school shopping :)


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