Things I'm Blogging about this Week

Mon: Video Tour of the Cabin Tues: New Things for Sale (including those Mystery Buttons) Wed: Tutorial of 'How to Start and End your Stitching' Thur: Some thoughts about life. candid. Fri: I love ___________.


  1. I'm excited for the tutorial. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Sounds like a very fun week of blogs.

  3. can´t wait for the coming week! :)
    btw, i love that picture with the blueberries. they look soooo delicious.. yum..

  4. ooh fun! i'm loving the idea of the week's blog preview...i'm thinking i may need to do this (i always forget to blog some things and then realize like a month later, lol)

    can't wait to find out what the red and woodgrain lovely is!


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