yes please

i love this :)


  1. HA! Right on! I just bought this pattern :

    last week (can I get a *woot* for knitting!)

  2. I love these so much - colour, pattern, soft cuddliness factor, everything. I love that your putting some knitting love out there. I love that you have needles in a jar on display and if I remember correctly you don't even know how to knit (yet! I may have to travel to Winnipeg one day just to teach you).

    Can I picture myself wearing these - mmm, questionable (although I totally wish I could pull it off because how cool would that make me). Can I dream about myself wearing these - ABSOLUTELY. Hmm, maybe under some 'too short' tweet pants? I'm going to have to reconsider this altogether now.

    Wow, I just had a flashback to the leggings my mom knit me when I was in middle school. They kept falling down and looked completely home-made and I loved them insanely.

    Hmmm - this is far too long a comment. I'll stop now.

  3. I didn't think these were your feet. or legs for that matter...

    Love Momma


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