Hello Monday :]

- I want to hang this in our house so bad! Alice is superb!
- I just watched "Hillbillies in Tents" on Jerry Springer. - Summer Kit's will be ready WEDNESDAY instead of Tuesday. - This lion was their pet but got too big, and had to be released into the wild. People doubted Christian, the lion would even remember them. It's amazing and so beautiful; I cry everytime. He even introduces them to his wild wife. Wow. - Keith and I fixed his Mustang together on Saturday. We installed a waterpump and I became a Grease Monkey ;) - Someone smashed all the cars on our street this weekend. Everyones mirrors are batted off and some windshields. Only our mirror is broken, thank goodness! - Keith and I concluded he could be this guy. I asked him, "could you wear a turtleneck for a photo?" ;) - Check out this Jewelry :]


  1. that doesn't happen everyday. wish you all the best.

  2. Hi my LDR I miss you... I just finished (well have everything in one apartment) moving... I HATE IT. I am hiring people next time.... LOL

  3. alice is amazing!!
    is she going to sell it for you? :)

  4. Hey hun,

    I'll get that to you soon. I'm going to see where I can get prints of it first.



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