here *she* is

The Red Velvet Girls asked me to be their June Guest Designer (ahhhhh...hello, YES!?!!) and they sent me these supplies and said "Go Nuts". I made this puppy lovin' album over 3 days and I LOOOOOOOVE it! Lola looks SO pretty and it was fun working with a *new* color scheme (i'm way into aqua and green...). * I photographed it in the sun in one of Lola's favorite places, her backyard...and while i was snapping photos i got freckles on my shoulders and Lola came and sat on the lawnchair to watch. Totally cute! And theeeeeen she drooled on the album! lol!
* This juicy kit was awesome! Way worth the $28.50! And it comes with the 8x8" mini album cardboardy thing! I used practically everything in the kit and just added a few of my own things (thread, old buttons, chipboard letters, black rubons for my signature, 1 sheet of paper, red marker and paint).
[click on images to enlarge]
*Ps> the new FN banner is just a crop from the back of this album :)


  1. Dude I freaking love this! So much so that I am actually considering purchasing a dog so that I can then be justified in buying the RV kit. lol, seriously :}

  2. great little album. I love it!!

  3. Your album is freakin' amazing!! I love the new banner, I'm so into yellow right now.
    Tomorrow is the 'big' day enjoy it to the fullest!!

  4. Yay!!! Photos of the amazing doggy album you made!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Once again, great work Miss Leigh-Ann and live it up tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Looks terrific LA! And sweet Lola is such a beauty. JtP saw your comment on the pic I put on Flickr of me & Abby when I was wearing my Funky Tee...he said "does LA & her friend Lola want a Funky Tee?" :)

  6. LaLa, I absolutely LOVE it!! The color scheme isn't what I would pick either, but I can't believe how much it works for me! You are so creative and awesome as ever! Loves ya

  7. I love it I love it!!! I cant wait to use it and I don't even have a dog.... but my boyfriends parents do and I take pictures of her all the time. You did a fabulous job LA!! The hearts are adorable. And Im going to have to try the embroidery floss stuff. Great Job!!

  8. *Gush, gush, gush!!*

    This is SUCH a CUTE album of Lola!! LOVE it!!

    You have such talent in designing those!! My talent is in the kitchen!

    Congrats by the way on your "new" job!!! Yay you!!

  9. this is such a cute album LA!
    you´re so talented and i love the style and way how you make everything. :)
    love ya!

  10. Congrats on being the guest designer! Your album looks *great*!! Good job!!

  11. I ordered mine yesterday and can't wait to get it. I think I'm going to make the album of my dog that past 4 years ago. She was such a big part of our family. I love the whole kit thing. Where have I been? Your great!!!

  12. This book is so GREAT... I love it so much!

    I would have drooled too....


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