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Rollups - $8 off
* * Handmade Banners - $8 off
(Reg $38, Today $30) *
Large Canvas Bags - $8 off * Regular Canvas Bags - $5 off * Totes - $12 off * If you'd like to order a custom somethin-somethin today, please email me at Sale Prices are for Today Only. Payment by paypal please (i will send an invoice) *
STITCHING ORDER FORM Your Information: Your Name: Mailing Address: Do you have a blog? Etsy Username: Paypal Email: How did you find/hear about Freckled Nest?
* Tip: To get ideas and see a selection of Totes and Bags I've made, visit our gallery here :) Also, I love the challenge of a new design! Let me know what your thinking :) * 1. Title/Name: * 2. Do you prefer handwritten words or block letters or polka dot letters or cottonwood font? * 3. What would you like it stitched on? Tote, Rollup, Lg. or Reg. Bag? * 4. Color Combo that you love. 2-3+ colors. * 5. Graphic?: * 6. If you have any other ideas or specifications, feel free to let me know :) * Pricing: Buttons are complimentary! * Base Price (automatic): Tote: $25US Rollup $15 Lg.Bag $10 Reg.Bag: $5 * Letters: Handwrittin Letters (Stitched) are $5 each* Block Letters are $5 each Polka Dot Letters are $6 each * Graphics: Heart/Star/Daisy/ Cherries $20 * Bird or Octopus $30 * Five Books or Skull (2nd Skull Style) $35 Camera or Cupcake $40 Sewing Machine $50 ** Shipping: Tote Shipping: $11 Rollups & Bags Shipping: $5


  1. oooh! Is that my oh snap tote? If's MEGA CUTE!!!!

    Thanks girly!

  2. Hi Mounty!
    Glad to see the Nest back in operation. lol
    Your Tote Bags are Super COOL!
    This is so FN, that is RIGHT ON!!
    FN & SS are a Great Couple.

  3. ouuu lala, look at all the wonderful things!!! By the way I recieved your mini "rad" book that I won. thank ya soo very much:)

  4. Hey i just found you today and wanted to say your creations totally rock!


    Hope you sell tons.

    How is my LDR today?


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