(here's a website that has all the scripts)
My most favorite episodes:
Favorite Character: George!
A few Favorite Quotements:
"This bread has NUTS in it!" -George
"Gonna need some pudding here! Pudding!" -George
"Oh, thanks Walter" -Peggy
"He's beboppin' and scattin', and I'm losin' it!" -George
"Free Candy!" -Dealership Lady
"Costanza! I'll get you." -Steinbrenner
What's your favorite Seinfeld quotes, episodes, characters, etc?


  1. I just like Puddy.

    "Feels like an Arby's night."

  2. I like all of the characters - their traits are cleverly moulded. If I had to pick though, Kramer - he's svelt when he slides into Jerry's apartment. Oh, and Elaine - when she tries to dance - yeah, you go girl Elaine - just try and dance. Oh, and Newman - such a weas(el) and cute in his own way at the same time.

  3. i love em all! i miss that show. one of my favs was the "kenny rogers chicken" when jerry lived in kramer's apartment and the lights from the kenny rogers chicken place made jerry turn into kramer. "my cones and my rods are all mixed up!" and the low talker. the hackler. "can you spare a square?" -elaine. "get out!" -elaine. "hello newman." when kramer was smoking all those cigars. "a dingo ate my baby." oh seriously, don't get me started. best. show. of. all. time.

  4. Elaine:
    "WAKE UP! WAKE UP!!!"
    "Ya, chew your gum a little louder, that's helpful!"

  5. I'm particularly fond of Kramer.
    I adore the "man hands" episode because I SWEAR that woman goes to the bar I frequent.
    and I still say "A Dingo ate my baby."


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